Is foot traffic as important as online traffic? Can it even be measured effectively? If so, what do we do with the data? On this week’s episode, we speak with Michael Guimarin, Enterprise Account Executive for Dôr, to answer these questions and more. We also address privacy concerns and trends when it comes to technology and data collection.

Story Time

  • Andrew’s #liveupdate: Closing is happening!! Plus, he decides that MS Excel is a requirement for all marketers.
  • Jackie shares some ideas for sales and marketing departments to bridge the gap (and get along).
  • Kevin introduces Krisp, a tool to mute background noise on calls.

News (13:20)

360 Topic of the Week – Counting Traffic with Michael Guimarin from Dôr (30:21)

Dôr is an analytics system that empowers retailers with actionable data about their foot traffic. Michael, Kevin and Andrew discuss:

  • Why in-store (model home, sales center) experience is so critical to brand value
  • How measuring foot traffic connects the bottom of the marketing funnel with the top of the sales funnel
  • Why simple data is sometimes the most valuable
  • Privacy concerns when it comes to technology, data collection and where we’re headed
  • The three statistics any retailer needs to measure
  • Practical measurement applications for home builders

QOTW: (1:04:09)

  • Answers to last Question of the Week: Which project management / tracking tool do you use to keep yourself / your team organized?
  • New Question of the Week: How do you (or do you) measure foot traffic in your model homes and sales centers?

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