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The best insights into new home marketing for builders and developers can be found right here! No fluff, and no biases – just best practices that have been tested in the trenches. Take control of your online marketing, and grow it to another level of success with these free videos and articles from the team at Do You Convert.

Marketers, Are You Investing or Gambling…

Marketers, Are You Investing or Gambling…

Are you gambling with your marketing budget? The very first company I worked with in the homebuilding industry certainly was. We blindly spent advertising money and didn’t track any of our marketing channel leads. Don’t leave your marketing budget to chance. Track your investment from the very top...

New Conversion Rates For Online Sales

New Conversion Rates For Online Sales

There has been a shift in the metrics over the past few years and we wanted to go on record officially with new benchmarks. This article originally ran Professional Builder but we also wanted to post it in its entirety here: Comparing ourselves with others is part of human nature, and it can be...

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