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Kevin Oakley 0:12
Welcome to Market Proof Marketing, the weekly podcast from the marketing minds at DoYouConvert. com where we talk about the current state of all things digital and how they impact Home Builders and developers around the globe. We are not here to sell you, we’re here to help you and to try and elevate the conversation. I’m Kevin Oakley and with us, as always, is the ad doctor, Andrew Peek.

Andrew Peek 0:31
We’re number 57. Today is the third of July. Jackie is with us, everyone. I decided you need to do like a Yoda version of this.

Kevin Oakley 0:45
not sell you…help you if I must. There’s

Jackie Askews 0:49
marketing you’re welcome to

Andrew Peek 0:53
be amazing. We could probably go and Fiverr something and pay someone who’s perfect at Yoda’s voice to I love to do that.

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Right after this commercial break from our sponsor. There you guys kidding? Don’t do it.

Jackie Askews 1:07
Don’t do it trap ever.

Andrew Peek 1:11
$5 anymore. So I

Kevin Oakley 1:13
I started really listening to some of the Akimbo podcasts, which is done by Seth Godin. And I can’t tell if this is intentionally genius or what but after he does a quick intro, he’s always like, we’ll be back with a message from our sponsors. And then it just skip straight to it because he has no sponsors. And I don’t know if that’s a dig at like silly podcasts who have sponsors, or he really just as looking for a sponsor doesn’t have one yet. Anyway, that’s not that’s not why. Today, we’re here we’re here to talk about new home marketing and all the fun that goes along with it. And we begin as always with something that we call story time. Do I need to go first because no one else has it. Ready? I have

Andrew Peek 1:53
I have stuff I decided to do a list because story lyst the story stick one story jealous tickle like BuzzFeed. Okay, that’s where it’s taken a while ago. But we’re like Final house update for me, Andrew. Yay, yay, yay. Closing God’s laid that out. And another that all the stuff shenanigans for movie like four times before we move, go from this parent to that parent. It’s been great. But we got our final calendar invite from the title company for next Friday the 12. So super excited. It’s only how many days? Is that too late? The 24th of June to the 12. That’s probably not that bad, I would think right. Three weeks now. Terrible. Who knows? I don’t see that feeling. It’ll be over soon. worse. It’ll be over soon. So that’s it’s like child or

Kevin Oakley 2:34
Yo, yo, black it all out?

Andrew Peek 2:38
Our house? Yeah, yeah. Great. You get there. You’re like 32 weeks, like, nope, you need to go home or they make you walk the hall. If you had a baby. And you know this, you’ve taken your way there. You’ve got up yourself. And they’re like, Oh, it’s not time yet. Same thing. Just

Jackie Askews 2:51
go home. Andrew, I can imagine the entire peak household is just so ready. I’m sure after bouncing around. Yeah, parents are probably ready.

Andrew Peek 3:02
I’m super, super excited. And then at the schedule, there’s so many things I’m excited about. But like my office is me five feet from the kitchen. This me amazing. Like it’s dangerous. Anytime I want on big giant monitors. So that’s first story. second story is Kevin, I were talking earlier today. And I decided that Excel Microsoft Excel needs to be like a, you just need to know it. I don’t know if there’s any other way. Okay, you’re trying

Kevin Oakley 3:27
but impress me now.

Andrew Peek 3:28
I’m trying to impress everyone. Well, it just opens up like a creative, a technical creative component is that that trademark that in your brain sounds good for that for the ability to do things that you cannot do otherwise, that would take forever, or be inaccurate, if that makes sense. But if you are like, Oh, I could do that thing in Excel, and it will take me 10 minutes versus six hours, where if it’s six hours, whatever the task may be, like, you’re like, I’m not doing that. That’s not that’s not possible. But if I know, just having that capability to be there, and there, I’m sure there’s other things in life for like, if you just know how to do this thing, then you could do all these things, if that makes any sense.

Kevin Oakley 4:14
Yeah, you’re right. It is super helpful. It’s one it’s something that I am just certainly not as good as I say, You’re depressing me. I mean, I can I can get in there. And I can maybe do stuff four times faster. But yeah, not to your level. So I think

Andrew Peek 4:27
I might be on the extreme

Kevin Oakley 4:28
end, I think you volunteered to do a series of solo podcast slash screen shares for how to become better at Excel. Excel.

Jackie Askews 4:38
I know so many friends that use it for personal life outside of work as well.

Andrew Peek 4:45
As I do that,

Kevin Oakley 4:45
yeah, I need to get better at it as well. So unless you eat pancakes, that would be something to take you off my friend list. That was

Andrew Peek 4:55
funny. No, well,

Kevin Oakley 4:57
no, it is it is important. So important that our friend Will Duderstadt has told me that that is an interview. question is what is your favorite function in Excel? And I think he tells them, you’re also not allowed to include the some function because that’s just adding up a total. Just to see if people who claim that they can use Excel actually can.

Andrew Peek 5:18
Because I feel you magic either way.

Jackie Askews 5:20
Good to know. I should start practicing more. You should Why?

Andrew Peek 5:24
Maybe for you, I don’t know if there’s

Jackie Askews 5:26
so much I would utilize it. I think I would outside of maybe design work. But I’m all for learning something. So if you are willing to teach,

Andrew Peek 5:37
I go to meeting time. Yeah.

Party. Okay, that’s, that’s my two. That’s the shortlist tickle. Only two guys, you want minute. Good, man.

That’s perfect.

Jackie Askews 5:48
So for me a story time, I recently was talking to a friend at a builder partner. And like anything else you get together. And if anybody’s in that same industry, it’s just nice to be able to unload on each other. And they were telling me how different approaches the online sales, also pull in the sales team as well with that in the marketing team, how different they are with each other, those approaches, and how easy it is for there to be missed communications between both departments that leave everyone frustrated. So for example, an ad goes out with a particular number on it. And the sales team isn’t brought into the loop. So once traffic picks up, you know, they’re not aware of it, they got all these random calls, and prospects asking questions, and they have no idea where that information is being pulled from. And that got me thinking. So, you know, you think although both specialize in their own niche function, they both exist for the same purpose to increase overall sales. And these ambiguities of their roles, and overlapping responsibilities could make the entire operation less efficient. So we were talking, and we kind of came up with a couple things that would probably help and really decrease just frustration between the both departments there, they’re there to serve, and help each other. And if there’s any frustration, that just limits what you can do together, for there to be a team. Yes, so whether that’s utilizing the same CRM technology. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a group of people not having maybe the proper training between the departments, and really not able to properly utilize and use it to its full capacity. So that’s something so whether it’s getting everyone together to kind of go over the same training, keep in constant contact, whether that’s weekly, multiple times a week, bi weekly, just to access the same information on a parallel basis. And encourage your team to talk often. And based on what your team needs. I think that’s just as long as everybody walks away feeling as if they’re on the same page, and not to be afraid to take advantage of group chat. I think a lot of people think I’m annoying them or I’m too much the up their grill. But at the end of the day, you want to pull your teams together and establish clear roles and responsibilities, because those lines can get fuzzy. And it’s worth setting standards early.

Kevin Oakley 8:28
Yep. Now, we don’t want to go too deep into the specifics of this one particular builder partner. But I also think it’s interesting, that really shouldn’t be as big of a challenge long term, right? Obviously, if there’s changes that are made that can that can happen. But when that happens consistently, it’s usually because marketing’s a little off the reservation. I’m not saying they were in this case, but what I mean by that is, community is struggling. So marketing comes up with a brand new tagline, or starts talking about how great this thing is about the community that is kind of or to true but stretches things. Whereas if everything is pulled from the same place, ie the the builder site, or it’s kind of just in the wheelhouse and marketing is just communicating what is already publicly available to sales customers, everybody, that that’s just one other thing to check. I don’t think because I know the situation, it’s not, it’s not the impact here. But in a broader sense that can happen where if marketing is just kind of pulling stuff out of their hat to try to make things work, then you really have to double down on that communication that you’re talking about. Because, yeah, if it’s not being talked about on the website now, or in any of the materials that the salesperson will be using now, they’re all they’re gonna be like what we say what now about this? That’s not Yeah, that’s something we normally do.

Jackie Askews 9:49
I agree. And I think a lot of it to even with the sales team, they may not realize also how beneficial they can be to the marketing team, whether that’s providing insight about that customers, and because at the end of the day marketing team is putting together this information about the buyers, and who better than the sales team that has that one on one FaceTime interaction. And I just think at the end of the day, that could help optimize lead strength, the marketing team is bringing in dozens of new leads a week. But if those leads are weak, and they aren’t that interested in making purchases, that doesn’t do sales team much, but so I think overall, I think it’s just getting everybody to be one cohesive unit. It’s like having a big family meeting

Andrew Peek 10:35
big family, they love each other a family meeting.

Kevin Oakley 10:39
Awesome. My story is a short one. But there’s a tool called Krisp with a K, Krisp, you’ll see the link in the show notes. And what it lets you do is mute the background noise during calls using artificial intelligence slash neural networks. I don’t know I’m guessing does. But it’s amazing. I’ve heard folks like Jeff Turner and others share samples of themselves using this couple months ago. And I guess I’ve been holding out on everyone. But it was a Mac only thing. So it’s like who uses Macs anyway. But the the Windows app is finally out. And there’s a great sample demo that you can do where it shows how powerful it is. And what it basically does is it it makes a artificial microphone input and an artificial speaker output that basically becomes a buffer. And in a split second almost unnoticeable. It’s running artificial intelligence to say is that the person speaking or is that background noise and silencing it for you. And it’s pretty darn amazing. And we’re checking out. So now there’s one less excuse. You know, I work in a busy office and people scream at each other and have Nerf gun fights all the time. And you can get rid of it. If you’re in a coffee shop, you can get rid of it. And really trust that they’re only hearing hearing your voice. So anytime we come across cool little things like that. We always want to make sure we share it with you.

Andrew Peek 12:06
Yeah, I just listened to a few of those demos they have on their other site. They have like street screaming child airport coffee shop, like different circumstances. And yeah, that’s that’s pretty cool. They need like the dog barking, I think would be a good one to put on there. So that doesn’t work by like sampling the sound prior like it knows like, okay, that’s not Andrew, I

Kevin Oakley 12:27
think it’s always listening. And then it’s filtering once you start talking. And it can tell obviously, that your voice is closest to the microphone.

Andrew Peek 12:36
Gotcha. That’s pretty cool.

Kevin Oakley 12:38
Yeah, very, very cool. And you can download a free trial. The one thing to note I believe about the free trial, though, is that it only lets you test listening to the person that you’re talking to. So if you want to make yourself sound better, you do have to pay for the full version, I believe. But definitely go check that out. If that’s something that you struggle with, or you’re working a lot on the road. Make sure you give it to Ted, you that guy who always joins every conference call with his windows down in his car. Yes, so we can get rid of one part. Ted, I think you need to meet yourself, Ted. Right? You know who your Ted is?

Jackie Askews 13:13
Yes, I

Andrew Peek 13:14
have called it today.

Kevin Oakley 13:20
Alright, well, let’s, let’s shift over to the news. And the first news item is that we now have the ability for you to call in and, and interact with the show with your voice and about as easy away as we could come up with so feel free to call this number. leave a voicemail with questions that you’d like us to answer comments or feedback from the previous week’s episode. Things that you think we got right? We got wrong just missed out on completely will address them on the following episode. Whenever we get those and that number is 4043692595. Or again, click the link in the show notes on your mobile device and say hello get interact with us before their

Andrew Peek 14:03
their voice will be on the podcast. If yes, don’t sue

Kevin Oakley 14:07
us when you’re like I didn’t know your voice will be on the podcast. We can change your voice. You don’t have to say who you work for you not to say your name. Do what it is. But your voice will be on the podcast. And at the end. Let’s just say this. I know how crazy some of you are. If you want us to disguise your voice, make you a little bit higher pitch, lower pitch, whatever we can probably look at doing that just said send me the mystery.

Awesome. That is funny. So the first real news story that we have is the kickoff of online people talking or op t with Jen Barkin, and it’s a monthly video series dedicated to enhancing careers and lives of online new home sales specialist. And really it’s like a virtual support group to it and or virtual training for your boss if you think that they might benefit from having a little bit more broader exposure to how they’re all works and different aspects that that all my sales people struggle with. And episode one features the team from Starcraft builders Tanner Brewster, Lacey Warburton, and our very own Jen Barkin. And together they manage 400 leads a month for one of the country’s largest builders, and they have just been on a tear, I mean, they’re kicking butt and taking names. And anytime you go from a team of one to a team of two, kind of like being promoted from a salesperson to a sales manager, it’s either going to be awesome or terrible. And there’s really no in between. and these two are awesome. So we’re going to play a short clip here, so that you can get just a flavor of it. And you want to hear the whole thing, go to D convert calm and click on the link.

Jen Barkan 15:53
Now one thing that I want to ask you that that came up with what you said is, when you look at activities as a whole that you’ve got to have accomplish, you know, you have mentioned long term prospecting is one thing that as a team, you tackle together. So talk a little bit about that, how you plan out what you’re going to do for the month and how to tackle some of those things together.

Lacy Warburton 16:15
Yeah, so typically, in the the monthly meetings that we have, we’ll sit down, and we will plan the long term follow up emails for that month, in the next month. And we send out the same email to all prospects because in sometimes some things do crossover. And you don’t want to send one person one email and another person another email, and what if they contradict each other. So we always want to make sure that we’re sending out the same materials, and that they can kind of blanket over all of the areas and that really helps keeping our brains together. Right? If I was to have my own emails and he did his own, then you wouldn’t have that support of every you know, both of us being able to work on the same project together. Being a team really, really helps in this scenario. I couldn’t imagine doing this by myself.

Kevin Oakley 17:01
next item up is one that we posted about in the market proof marketing Facebook group when it was breaking news, but Zillow Group is introducing a new and improved assessment algorithm that uses impart and use this computer vision to see exactly what is in your home based upon the images that are uploaded. So it’s time to again yet another excuse goes down the wayside of well our homes sell so quickly. Why bother putting the latest greatest photos or and This sparked a lot of conversation actually in the group to people curious of if I’m uploading low res pixel images currently because that’s all my website will support Am I being hindered? A lot of good things and we’ll we’ll ask for some clarification if the if the Zillow team is able to give us any on how exactly that works, but essentially, artificial intelligence computer vision is looking at these pictures and able to tell the types of products materials and just kind of general build quality finish finishing level that the home has and give it the appropriate bump or drop investment value.

Andrew Peek 18:08
People could imagine forgot we were talking about this but I would assume that Zillow is able to with their speed this is AI based or somehow it’s I have no idea. Like hey, this is this countertop at some point a person individual was looking at samples of granite courts, marble, whatever they going, this is marble. This is quartz. I assume that that’s like teaching revenge. He knows how to

Jackie Askews 18:35
look at it. They may know Yeah, the home may sell for a little more seeing

Andrew Peek 18:40
that this is that and just the catalog and imagine like later like the next I’m sure they’re having like you upload your own and then you take a picture of just the countertop for Zillow use so that they could get a betters estimate which would be back to like the person who the question about like, hey, my photos, hello rise, wonder if long term Zilla, like will pull from your feet. But if you are able to provide product sample photos, I don’t know what would be called but like, so they could be like, Oh, you do have this type, of course that generally sells more or less, if that makes sense. So like separate photos from that just for the sake of the titles 12 by 24, not 12 by 12? I don’t know. And that’s but that’s

Kevin Oakley 19:24
okay. That’s what consumer wanted to know. Anyway, though, right? I mean, that’s it goes back. Yeah. Like, this isn’t a good thing to do what you should have been doing anyway. Exactly. Right. But people wanted to see the detail of the tile work, they wanted to see the list already details, all those things were already there. And so it’s just, it’s awesome. And I think I was I was chuckling when you’re talking about training the artificial intelligence because I’m sure, the best way to train it would just be to say in today’s world, watch a fixer upper. If it’s in that show. In the second half, like you better know it add value 10%. But this update is good include more than just the computer vision. It also includes for the first time directly evaluating the homes list price and listing description. So again, the words that are being used, which is those already been telling us for a long time that better descriptions do cause more leads to happen. How many days to spend the market, as well. So they’re shuffling the deck on a lot of things. And we saw those estimates on some of the homes that we’ve been working on changed rather dramatically already, I still have a hunch that one of the things that are in this latest algorithm update is simply how many eyeballs are looking at a home slash favorite in it. I think that’s that certainly makes sense to have that be included in the mix. But hey, investments are definitely here to stay. And again Zillow wants it to become a standing offer. So they’re not just doing this out of response from what home builders have been complaining about a real estate agent. It’s like, nope, what’s the consumer need to know to make an informed decision? And I think it’s a good step forward. Yeah. And that is something that

Andrew Peek 21:00
I feel like I hate to keep going on this. This is almost like it’s, they’re getting every detail about the home that they will potentially hold for that period of time without having to put an individual out there as much early to make that process scalable, and more efficient. As far as like, oh, here’s the homes we want. That was not updated, don’t want it This one is updated. We do want it, although I think this so every home would have the offer

Jackie Askews 21:25
reading through everything to like besides the sophisticated machine learning techniques for the special features that looks like it also will factor in location details to commute times and proximity to different key spots around the area. So it’s it’s taking a little of everything,

Kevin Oakley 21:44
which in some ways, you could say that the price of comparable homes that were sold already takes all that into account. But I think it’s just awesome that they’re saying we’re not just going to go off comparative sales of a similar sized home in a similar area. We’re going to start looking at that separately as a check and balance because you’ve seen that example all the time, but one house sells for way more than it ever should have. Or one house sells for way less than it ever should have. And and not having that just be a one size fits all smack on this estimate, but but have these other pieces to check that and try to make it as accurate as possible. So that’s awesome. And speaking of computer vision, yeah, because Facebook melted today on the third. All of a sudden, bunch of images just weren’t showing up. And

Andrew Peek 22:33
it’s still melting. Yeah, this was at like 9am kinda sucks

Kevin Oakley 22:36
Yeah, I do

Andrew Peek 22:38
as if it’s still down. But they had a bunch of articles. Yeah, I think everyone saw here. Yeah, that’s still broken. You saw instead of an image there was like, it was almost like the alt text. If you’re thinking in terms of HTML and SEO makes up that’s a image contains or may contain house outdoor door, clouds, man and suit more than four people or whatever the number one you’re like, that’s, that’s like the dumb version of what Zilla will be doing or is doing with their computer vision. Of course, American Facebook is, you know, the amount of the range I guess not maybe not necessarily the depth, but just a range of things that they could recognize and an image is just infinite. But you know, absurd like it just keeps going and going may contain like, if you post a picture of let’s say I’m drinking right now it’s called heyday. cold brew coffee. It’s in a can the size of Red Bull can they could if I put a picture of this they could build read this whole thing. Like oh, cool, this guy drinks cold brew coffee. That’s pre packaged. And I could be advertised to for this type of

Kevin Oakley 23:47
product. I need to ask a completely unrelated question. How long is cold brew coffee been a thing? I don’t know. cuz I’ve got about a month and a half.

Andrew Peek 23:56
But I really don’t mind is it all set means anything? It’s over. It’s too I like it more bitter or bitter strong. Ya know what? I like to

Kevin Oakley 24:06
get rid of that stuff. I like the habit.

Jackie Askews 24:07
How do you are you drinking it from a can? I got it?

Kevin Oakley 24:11
From a can sounds I know we’re putting the water in cans now instead of bottles. Coffee from a can is a place I don’t think I want to go

Andrew Peek 24:20
repackage ones are good. And again, like this one. And they have some that are like

Kevin Oakley 24:23
how do you add your cream to it? I still can’t like

Andrew Peek 24:27
this was actually it’s called salted mocha heyday. cold brew coffee. So it has a little bit has a little bit of sugar in it and a little bit of cream.

Jackie Askews 24:35
See I’m the title I like a little bit of coffee with my crown and sugar so exactly probably have to have like half a Canfield so that I could

Kevin Oakley 24:44
write that’s a problem. So no, we bite and bark and like gas eyes and then pour it out. But that’s Yeah. Anyway, I just want to I always like to check how out of touch on becoming with life. I’m going on

Andrew Peek 24:54
Google Trends right now to see because I feel like it’s the past year. Everyone has cold brew. Now. I don’t even know if people know. Like, are they just doing it? Yeah, I was at our brand new Starbucks around the corner and they had nitrogen something called was like Guinness for cold brew coffee. But at first I thought it was just Starbucks was serving alcohol.

What is it? What is this? It’s on tap? What is the

Jackie Askews 25:15
World Cup day? Yeah, you know,

Andrew Peek 25:17
I’d be the day I’m sure you’re what’s the what’s a cool area we went to Eastern? Is that the huh? Yeah, I’m sure that we have Starbucks here that serve alcohol at night. After a certain time. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Craft Beer, man. Certain wines? I’m sure that one does. That’s a really cool spot. The Eastern one. I would think or maybe it’s the Florida thing. Maybe not sure. What you’re saying the one right by my

Kevin Oakley 25:39
house. It just opened up.

Andrew Peek 25:42
In the cool stuff. You mentioned, I know what you’re trying to

Kevin Oakley 25:46
get me, David on.

Andrew Peek 25:50
Whatever it is Eastern. It’s

Kevin Oakley 25:52
Oh, yeah. Nice. It’s very nice area. And hopefully soon you many of you will be able to come visit us on for many different reasons there. But back to So Facebook is using computer vision, as well. And and while this site is down, it’s kind of fun to be able to see what it is. And of course, a lot of that started for privacy concerns to be able to root out stuff from Russia and other countries or terrorists or just bad content. But obviously, it’s also being used to match content to the right audiences who care about man, man and suits band, or housing, or whatever else it’s able to see may contain company in that ad creative. And then our last news story, Facebook, housing, employment credit changes coming soon. This is straight from the Facebook reps. Andrew, I’m gonna let you do this. But it’s, it’s getting real. In fact, also some geographic targeting Yeah, I changes that are

Andrew Peek 26:51
like awful statement, like the end of a radio ad for like,

Kevin Oakley 26:55
now we’ll link to it or sides.

Andrew Peek 26:58
Essentially what I noticed the other day and has not been rolled out to all accounts, but on a few. There’s a button that is now you have to self select, which I thought was interesting. At the campaign level, if you make a Facebook ad, it says does this advertise, XYZ housing, employment credit. And then you can click it or not click it. I’m surprised it’s self selecting right now. So you’re opting in that you are doing that. But then you do that. And then your targeting. Age goes away. Like you there’s no age option. Gender goes away. So there’s a female. And then zip code, you cannot do anything with zip codes. And the minimum radius when you do put in say, Columbus, you type in Columbus and the smallest circle you make is 15 miles. So which we are so I know

Kevin Oakley 27:49
I sound like the old man is lost their mind. I think they’re letting people self select right now. So they can literally just be like, Okay, hi, do you want to sue someone? There you go. Yeah, we made the box. They didn’t check it. So just because you can ignore it right now. I still I know. It sounds crazy. And it makes me me sound crazy. But I would I would check that box and I would start doing things the right way. Because you’re gonna have to figure it out sooner or later. One

Andrew Peek 28:15
way, yes, it’s the same one way or nothing. Here’s the disclaimer statement, I will read here’s what Facebook starting June 27, we will be first introducing these requirements in AD manager as an option to a small subset of advertisers. All advertisers target us must comply with these restrictions when creating or editing, housing, employment and credit ads by September 2019, in ads manager and all interfaces by the end of 2018. Let’s make the sorry, this is this Islam will require all new ads related housing and employment and credit. So it looks like this, this self selected by 2018. And then September, you better pick it on your own understanding, we need a we need a lawyer this. That’s a lot of language and commerce. And so yeah, but the important part though, is if you go in there and click everything at once, it will reset your targeting, to back to nothing. So if you had all your radius is perfect, and you click the button, and you think it will hold it even if you were already in compliance. It just defaults it to like Hey, get in there and reset it. So you might have to take some time if you have a lot of campaigns. Awesome, super fun. Awesome. Well,

Kevin Oakley 29:29
that’ll do it. For the news will come take a quick break. When we come back. We’re going to be joined by Michael from door do our that’s the company remember, they found them in my spam box. We have some conversations, but it continues to move on. And this is going to be a fantastic interview with Michael clarifies a lot of things going to give us some pricing details. You’re not gonna want to miss this. And again, this is the tool that tracks using infrared cameras foot traffic through your model homes or retail locations. We will be right back.

Welcome back to our 360 topic of the week counting traffic with door. We talked about them a couple weeks ago and our new segment and our storytime segment. And now Michael Guimarin from Dôr is here with us, Michael, thanks so much.

Michael Guimarin 30:36
Absolutely. Thank you for having me on.

Kevin Oakley 30:39
Yeah, you bet. So, Dôr for those of you who missed those other episodes is a company. I’ll say what I think they do. And then Michael will correct me. It is providing a solution to count, walk in traffic, retail traffic for lots of different industries and get caught our attention as something that may be the right answer for lot of home builders and developers out there as well. But tell us quickly how Dôr came about and what problem you’re trying to solve kind of the origin story. Sometimes we use superhero analogies on the show, Michael, So what’s what’s kind of the origin story of Dôr?

Michael Guimarin 31:15
Yeah, absolutely. So our company came about a few years ago when Michael brand the CEO, so everyone’s name in the company is Michael makes things a lot easier. When he he had this thought that with smartphones, making small sensors a lot cheaper, that you would be able to instrument, a lot of spaces, commercial and otherwise. And he realized that there wasn’t a really good way to measure foot traffic for commercial spaces. The traditional systems use these stereoscopic video cameras that were difficult to install, difficult to maintain and difficult to calibrate. And so he asked, okay, is Would it be possible to make a sensor that is much simpler, that people could install and two, three minutes, and you know, start getting that data immediately. And basically, once they had the first prototype, and they started showing it to small businesses, people got really excited. And one thing led to another and now we’re a series A funded startup with 12 and a half million dollars under our belt here in San Francisco, just about 35 people. Wow. And

Kevin Oakley 32:19
I stalked a little bit on Michael as well. And he has some background in hardware design with Apple, right. So it’s not, it sounds very similar to a nest or other kind of even smart home technology companies that have been created w