Kevin’s back from Guatemala to share his insights from The International Builders’ Show. Then, Andrew and Kevin share their answers to several questions they were either asked from the stage or right after they finished their talks. We’ve picked specific ones we think are beneficial for everyone to hear the answers. Have a question you want answered? Email show at

  • Story Time 
    • Jackie shares a secret shop experience that left her wanting
    • Andrew had his call with a Google Rep today, so he’s got to get that off his chest
    • Kevin shares his thoughts on IBS2019 since he wasn’t part of last week’s episode
  • News (17:24)
  • 360 Topic of The Week (30:25)
    • Questions we got from our talks at last week’s show.
      • Why do you say that branding isn’t important?
      • My builder doesn’t show square footage on our materials. Is this a big deal, or not?
      • How do I know if it’s time to jump ship to another builder?
      • What was it called where you upload people from the CRM to Facebook to see Facebook’s attribution data?
      • Are you actually seeing good leads from Facebook?

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