Building Strong Relationships with Realtors: A Win-Win Strategy

Building Strong Relationships with Realtors: A Win-Win Strategy

Apr 24, 2024 | By Bryce Baker

Realtor relations has been a hot topic of discussion lately. In case you missed it, Jen Barkan closed out this year's builder show with a session on working with Realtors. She provided three perspectives - buyer’s agent, builder, and online sales and how all three can work together to create sales. Kevin Oakley has been reporting weekly on his thoughts on some of the changes occurring with NAR, but one thing remains constant: the importance of positive relationships. Amidst the changes and uncertainties, collaboration with Realtors and their clients will be key to mutual success between you (the builder), the agents, and the buyers. Let's dig into how you can develop meaningful partnerships through Realtor outreach and Realtor partnerships.

Provide VIP Access: As marketers, we each have our interpretation of what a VIP process looks like. Take some time to identify who your high-performing or repeat sales Realtors are. Offering those Realtors VIP access to exclusive information or early access to updates can be a game-changer. Whether it's notifying them about upcoming price increases coming in the pipeline to help close a buyer or insider insights, granting them privileged access demonstrates your appreciation for their partnership and empowers them to serve their clients better while helping them see that you, as the builder, are not a threat to them and their business. Don’t forget that our online sales specialist can build some of the strongest relationships with Realtors by serving as their go-to source for all new home information. The incredible, Jen Barkan wrote a helpful blog on the ultimate guide to communicating with real estate agents from an online sales perspective HERE

Email Marketing: You have an incredible database at your fingertips - USE IT! Marketers often send an agent-specific email bi-weekly. This allows you to hone in on your messaging. It has been said that you only open the emails you want to read. Therefore, make your emails enticing, educational, or targeted just for them. At the end of the day, each Realtor runs their own business, so make sure you provide value to them. Keep them informed about your latest community openings, close-out promotions, and special events.  Communication is key, and email marketing presents an excellent opportunity to stay connected with Realtors. 

Host Events: Hosting events can be a fantastic way to engage with local real estate agents while also allowing you, the builder, to showcase your model homes and even inventory homes. Invite them to your model or design studio for exclusive tours, or organize headshot events. This thoughtful gesture provides them with professional assets for their marketing efforts. Consider options such as offering free marketing classes, educating them on Canva, introducing them to BombBomb for customizable email marketing tools, or giving them direct access to your model homes for content creation days. The possibilities are truly endless for hosting an event, but when you do, try to add a benefit to the agent that will help in the long run and solidify your role as a valuable resource for their business. 

Sponsor Events: Supporting local real estate brokerage luncheon meetings or industry events enhances your visibility and reinforces your commitment to the real estate community. Utilize this as an opportunity to send a builder representative. Provide educational material as handouts. Getting creative is key! Often, Realtor events and sponsoring events can be expensive and time-consuming, so select these strategically and make sure they make sense with your manpower and budget. 

At the end of the day,  whether through email marketing, events, sponsorships, or exclusive access, prioritize efforts to engage with Realtors and add value to their business. Remember, when Realtors win, you win, too! 

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