Always Assume the **Appropriate** Appointment

Always Assume the **Appropriate** Appointment

Apr 1, 2024 | By Jessie Suggs

Let's dial it back and return to the fundamentals of the online sales call path. As the new year rolls in and the selling season kicks off, online sales specialists are buzzing with energy. The surge in leads brings a rush of excitement but also demands a strategic approach to prioritize our efforts effectively. After all, all leads ARE important, but not all leads are created equal!

Managing our time becomes crucial as we transition from craving more leads to juggling the influx of inquiries. It's about striking a balance between quantity and quality – ensuring that each conversation counts and leads to tangible results. But how do we navigate this influx of activity while still delivering top-notch customer experience and maintaining our metrics? Let's break it down.

First things first, it's essential to recognize that many potential buyers may not fully understand our role or how we can play a part in their home-buying journey. They might perceive us as receptionists or onsite agents, which can lead to skepticism or uncertainty for several reasons. Either, “This person won’t be able to give me the answers I am looking for,” or “What is this person going to try to sell me?”

This is where the "assume" step in the call path comes into play. Always assume the appointment and take the initiative to guide the conversation toward scheduling one. By building rapport and establishing trust, we can seamlessly transition into offering an appointment, highlighting the benefits of dedicating time specifically to address their needs.

As we grow in our roles, it's easy to forget that what once seemed unfamiliar to us is now second nature. That's why it's crucial to approach each conversation with an educational and helpful attitude, ensuring that customers understand the appointment-setting process and its significance in facilitating a smooth buying journey.

Let's zero in on step #4 in the online sales call path – ASSUME.

Always Assume the Appointment- Adopt an assumptive approach in your language, gently guiding the conversation toward scheduling an appointment. Even if the customer isn't ready to commit, they'll recognize you as their point of contact when the time is right.

Appropriate Rapport Building- Engage in meaningful conversations that build rapport and trust, paving the way for qualified appointments. Remember, it's not just about setting appointments; it's about setting the right appointments that lead to conversions.

Maintaining momentum by consistently assuming the appointment and fostering meaningful connections with potential buyers is crucial. As the volume of inquiries increases, our sense of urgency might start to decrease, but OSCs, this is your time to SHINE! Take in this market and let the influx of leads lead to current (and future) appointments and sales! 

By embracing an assumptive approach and prioritizing quality conversations, we can ensure that each interaction moves us closer to our ultimate goal – closing deals and driving success in the dynamic world of online real estate sales. So, let's seize every opportunity, one appointment at a time!

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