The Top New Home Marketing and Online Sales Content in 2022

The Top New Home Marketing and Online Sales Content in 2022

Dec 27, 2022 | By Jackie Lipinski

That’s a wrap for 2022! We created over 130 total resources including blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts in 2022 specifically for new home marketers, leaders, and online sales specialists. Here are the most popular resources from Do You Convert in 2022. 

Most Read Online Sales Articles:

The Coming Soon Community Playbook for Online Sales Specialists

Jen Barkan shares why you should get excited, not anxious, when you find out you have a new community on the horizon. And why if you do feel anxious, it’s most likely because a proper process isn’t in place. She shares the playbook every online sales counselor should use around a new home community launch. Read here.

It's All About Mentality - Thank You vs. You're Welcome

Jessie Suggs explains the mentality behind shifting your OSC mindset for a changing market and how to best go about it. She explains why we have to lose our attitudes and get back to the “thank you” mindset. We have to get back to the roots of this job and that is customer experience. We should be thanking them for the opportunity to talk to them. OSCs have seen a drastic decrease in lead volume. They are becoming thankful for the leads that inquire and that is exactly as it should be! Read here.

What is Truly Considered an Appointment?

An appointment is a community visit for a qualified lead that is set up for a specific day, a specific time, at a specific location, and with a specific sales representative! Jessie Suggs breaks down the details for Online Sales Specialists for what is truly considered an appointment and what a successful appointment handoff should include. Read here. 

Most Read Marketing Articles:

4 Tips to Make Your Data Studio Reports Interactive

Google Data Studio has a few features that allow your users to filter and segment the data, allowing them to easily find the information they need in one place. Sarah Simmerman shares some of the features that she uses the most frequently with step-by-step instructions to implement them in your reports. Read here.

Getting Started with Google Analytics 4

Google announced that Universal Analytics, the Google Analytics we all use, is going to retire on July 1st, 2023. Andrew Peek shares what you need to know before that change is applied and how you can hit the ground running by getting Google Analytics 4 running and collecting data asap in order to collect data properly before the deadline is here. Read here.

Budgeting for Google Ads in 2022 - Costs Expected to Rise

Andrew Peek shared his thoughts on if he expected Google ads prices to increase in 2022, which you can read here. He recently wrote an updated version for 2023 called Budgeting Google Ads in 2023 - Will Costs Rise, Decrease, or Stay the Same? The updated blog post might be more relevant for Marketers thinking about how to budget for their ads in 2023. 

Most Listened To Podcasts

Ep 181: Looking Into 2022 and Beyond With Ivy Zelman

Recorded in late 2021, we’re still counting this for 2022. Kevin Oakley interviewed Ivy Zelman, Chief Executive Officer of Zelman & Associates. They discussed a range of topics about the housing industry for 2022 and beyond. She answers questions that home builders wrote in, shares her thoughts on build-to-rent, and discusses her book Gimme Shelter: Hard Calls + Soft Skills From a Wall Street Trailblazer. They also talked about when it’s okay to call people out by name and what drives her. Listen to the podcast here.

Ep 192: Empowering Everyone With The Freedom To Move with Alex Toth and Derek Schairer from Opendoor

Kevin Oakley was joined by Derek Schairer, the General Manager of Home Builder Partnerships and Business Development at Opendoor, and Alex Toth, General Manager of Homebuilder Partnerships and Business Development at Opendoor. They discuss how Opendoor has grown over the years, how they partner with new home builders, and how their mission continues to be the ability to empower everyone with the freedom to move. Listen to the podcast here.


Ep 228: History Doesn't Repeat, It Rhymes with Myers Barnes

Kevin Oakley was joined by Myers Barnes, owner of Myers Barnes Associates. Kevin and Myers discussed the theory that history doesn’t repeat itself but does rhyme regarding the housing market, lessons marketers and sales need to remember from the history of the housing market, & more. Listen to the podcast here.

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