Jackie Lipinski

Marketing Coach

Jackie Lipinski is an accomplished marketing professional with a passion for driving results in the home building industry. She joined Do You Convert with over five years of experience as the Marketing Director for a luxury home builder (American Classic Homes) in Washington State with over $80 million in annual revenue, and an average sales price over $1.5 million. Her expertise extends beyond luxury homes, as she served as the Director of Marketing for the multi-family division as well, successfully managing the presale launch programs for over 700 units.

As a Marketing Coach at Do You Convert, Jackie excels in training home builder marketing teams to analyze challenges, develop actionable plans, and implement strategies to drive results. She works with Home Builders in over twenty states with a total combined estimated revenue of $2 billion dollars. Jackie's ability to navigate diverse segments of the market demonstrates her versatility and adaptability in delivering impactful solutions. Her unique blend of analytical prowess, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills sets her apart as a strategic thinker who knows how to achieve tangible outcomes for home builders nationwide.

Jackie thrives on creating and implementing marketing processes where none had existed before. She possesses a keen eye for identifying untapped opportunities and leveraging them to elevate home builders in any market. Her collaborative nature, coupled with a deep understanding of the industry, enables her to provide valuable insights and solutions.

Originally from Illinois, Jackie currently resides in the greater Seattle area of Washington state with her husband, Matt, and their two children. In her free time, Jackie loves to hike and is working on her goal of visiting all the National Parks in America. She has currently visited 18 out of the 63 national parks in the USA.

Jackie Lipinski

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