Ep 81: Looking Forward to 2020

Ep 81: Looking Forward to 2020

Jan 2, 2020 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Happy New Year from Do You Convert!🎉For our first episode of 2020, the DYC marketing team discusses what we’re most looking forward to doing, knowing and watching this year. Plus, the digital trends predicted to disrupt in 2020, and… have we hit a wall with A.I.?🤔Get a jump start on your new year right here.

Story Time: (4:48)

  • Kevin shares a builder partner’s perfect summary of what makes Do You Convert unique.

In the News: (7:22)

  • Four Digital Marketing Trends Poised to Disrupt in 2020 (Prophet.com)
    • “Growth leaders must come to grips with the reality of a world where AI is no longer a promise but a fact, where SMarketing is changing the very nature of their roles, where velvet rope communities shift social influence from mass reach to targeted expertise and where the contextual omni-channel connects the analog and digital experiences to predict the future instead of respond to the past.”
  • A Sobering Message About the Future of AI’s Biggest Party (Wired.com)
    • Is “AI Everything” just a hype cycle?
    • Limitations of even the most advanced machines
    • Has AI hit a wall?

360 Topic of the Week – What We’re Looking Forward to in 2020: (30:35)

  • Thaïs
    • Slow Content
  • Becca
    • The next big change from Facebook
    • A better picture of the full buyer journey
  • Andrew
    • The next big change from Google
    • Bingeable content from builders
    • Better attribution BUT not create a distraction for credit
    • Presale Without Fail audiobook
    • What marketing can do before the sale to influence selections
  • Kevin
    • More well-rounded strategies meaningfully built upon quantitative and qualitative data
    • How Google fights back to catch up with FB/IG
    • Builders going beyond a single transaction business model
    • Consumers having more and more control over the buying process
    • Growing the DYC team
    • 2020 podcast guests

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