I thought it was time for a quick refresh on my Video Email post. I have been using and recommending Video Email for more than 2 years now and I am still surprised that more sales professionals are not using this great tool! Below is a quick video message recorded using Eyejot (yes, that is the best program to use, trust me, I have done the research). In addition, below is a link with a discount code so you can buy yourself an early Christmas present.

Also, I received a video email from Grant, he falls in the “less than 10% group” of people who have signed up and used it.

Click Here to see the full email message and template or you can view the video below.

With a small investment in a webcam and an account from www.eyejot.com ( you definitely want the ad free and customizable 99.00 per year) you can look like a rock star to your prospects and customers. Joining is easy, just Click Here

Video Feedback from Grant Taylor – Silverton Custom Homes

Follow up Email from Grant:

Here are a few quick thoughts—Eyejot is such an easy way to stand out among our peers. Our industry is not the most technologically forward-thinking, so the chances that a competitor is quickly responding to inquiries with a very personalize video email is probably zero. Plus, I’ve found that recipients open the email multiple times—how great is that? Anyway, I’m looking to use Eyejot (and video in general) whenever I can.

Next on my list—revamping calls to action on our website to encourage more calls, emails, and newsletter sign-ups.

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