The most popular ebook in our industry has been revised, expanded, and put into print! The new Presale Without Fail has hit the streets, and we’re going to dive in and share stories from the front lines of community launches around the country.

  • Story Time 
    • Andrew declares it to officially be “inventory home season.”
    • Jackie realizes that becoming obsessed about baby product shopping has a lot of things in common with home shoppers.
    • Kevin shares a quote from Earl Nightingale that came to mind when visiting with a builder about the progress they’ve made.
  • News
  • 360 Topic Of The Week
    • Presale Without Fail – the all new paperback edition hits the streets. We share stories of failure and success – and what’s new this time around
    • What it’s not
      • A magic bullet. It can’t fix stupid, ugly, or greedy.
      • A one-size-fits-all approach. It is more like a choose your own adventure.
      • Marketing can’t do it on its own. Operations and sales must also be aligned.
    • What it is
      • A process to sell 30% more homes (or more) – or at higher profit margins.
      • An organized and documented process that can be iterated on.
    • Presale Without Fail recorded webinar (if this is all new to you – watch this!)
  • Your Answers to Last Week’s Question of the Week
  • New Question of the Week
    • Do you find new community launches to be organized chaos – or a defined process where everyone knows their part?

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A weekly new home marketing podcast for home builders and developers. Each week Kevin Oakley & Andrew Peek from Do You Convert will break down the headlines, share best-practices and stories from the front line, and perform a deep dive on a relevant marketing topic. We’re here to help you – not to sell you!

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