Ep 145: Priority Lists for Online Sales

Ep 145: Priority Lists for Online Sales

Apr 23, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

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Kevin Oakley, Andrew Peek, Julie Jarnagin, Mike Lyon, andJen Barkanare in the house to bring you a very special episode to discuss the ever-changing ecosystem that is online sales and marketing for home builders in 2021. They talk about how OSC’s should handle priority lists, how being nimble and flexible is the key to moving forward in an ever-changing market, and how some home buyers are taking the term Online Sales “Counselors” very literally. Mike and Jen also discuss how management needs to understand that Online Sales Specialists’ data is going to be funky right now, and that’s ok because the quality of leads needs to be prioritized over the number of leads at this time.

Story Time (2:15)

  • Julie Jarnagin regrets her decision about asking for podcast recommendations via Twitter.
  • Andrew Peek shares a hilarious Instagram reel from the point of view of real estate agents “Submitting an offer then vs now.”
  • Jen Barkan talks about the “Elon Musk Effect” and how a tweet from Elon Musk has created havoc for online sales teams in Brownsville, Texas. 
  • Kevin Oakley shares a heartbreaking story of a builder having to reach out to a buyer about price increases.  

In the News (11:00)

Question of the Week (28:20)

  • Last Week’s Question:  What is your forecast on how the housing market will be by the first quarter of next year (2022)

360 Topic of the Week (33:48)

  • Mike Lyon and Jen Barkan hand out truth bombs for marketing and online sales and they dive deep into the ever-changing rules that online sales need to be aware of and how marketing can assist in the new messaging to all the leads. 
    • Mike and Jen have been hiring an incredible amount of new online sales team members this year for builder partners.
    • The rules are changing and the rules need to be rewritten per market.
    • Mike talks about priority lists and how they apply to marketing and online sales team processes
      • 1. Set expectations on your website with the right call to actions
      • 2. Autoresponses and your call flows need to be consistent with what your company’s current message is
      • 3. Rate each lead per your priority lists 
    • Mike talks about the new messaging to consider when your builder is “almost sold out”
    • How we don’t want to mislead prospects so builders need to temporarily adjust marketing channels and be as transparent as possible about timelines
    • Mike and Jen talk about how in this market it’s best to hyper-focus on the people who are lowest in the sales funnel aka the ready to buy today customers
    • Kevin breaks down the aggregate data on home builder’s organic traffic year-over-year

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