The power of WordPress just got even better with the new release of WordPress 3.1. For many people in the real estate industry WordPress has become a great website platform of choice.  WordPress allows you to create and manage your own content.

Here are just 4 of the new features that make 3.1 an even greater interface to create, display, and get content out into the universe.

Internal Linking – This is a great SEO tool. Before, in order to create internal links, you had to: open up a new tab, search for the blog post you wanted to link, copy and paste. Now there’s a feature within the visual post mode that allows you to click the link button and search your own database for related posts.

Admin Bar – Front end editor, here we come! This new admin bar is no stranger to those who work with The new admin bar shows up on the front end, and allows one click access to add a new post, manage comments etc. If you aren’t a fan of this feature you do have the option to turn it off.

Streamlined Writing Interface – More and more novice bloggers and website designer wannabes are finding their way to WordPress. With this streamlined feature, the new user can get started with a less intimidating writing area. The new interface hides many of the seldom-used panels by default. If you like those fields they aren’t lost forever, you can still customize your panel and get them back.

Post Formats Support – Now you can take advantage of a multitude of page formats to satisfy any designer. This feature unifies the ability to create Tumblr-like features standardized across themes. Now you have the choice of formats which include Aside, Image Gallery, Link, Image, Quote, Status, Video, Audio and Chat. Check out Wordcast for a tutorial on utilizing this new feature.

WordPress continues to create new and innovative ways to implement the exact content and message you are trying to communicate. Whether you are looking for better SEO tools, or moving toward microblogging, the 3.1 release has some cool new key features for everyone.

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