Lots of positive news out there. Let’s hear it from someone with “street cred”. Van Rose has seen it all and gives us some insights from trenches. The Real Estate market has made a drastic shift, and Rose & Womble is using this to their advantage! Van Rose, speaks on how they plan to “capture the buyers at the first portal”.  As soon as buyers begin their home search on the internet, Rose & Womble will be there at the front lines to take them by the hand and guide them through the process. This first class treatment doesn’t stop after the web search is complete! When that customer is ready to visit the homesite, they will be handed off into the equally eager hands of a real estate agent ready to “welcome them with open in arms”.

Van speaks about the research on today’s buyers, which shows that they are coming into the game serious about buying. Van’s message to everyone selling homes today; “It’s NEVER been better than right NOW to sell homes.”

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