I got an email recently from my friend Zach Schabot from Go Realty. I loved it so much, I asked him to share it here…take a look.

I recently experienced the true power of email and I am happy to share it with my friends at doyouconvert.com.  Enjoy!

I sent this email to a select group of 200 contacts as part of my monthly follow up campaign.  The list included past clients, current clients, industry professionals, friends and family members.  We are always trying to come up with new ways to increase our response rates and I get the best results by keeping my emails entertaining and light hearted- without losing sight of the real purpose (additional business).  This email went out on a Tuesday afternoon about 2:00, imagine yourself receiving this unsolicited email one random weekday.


Subject: I need your help…

I recently received an email from a Ugandan prince who has a large sum of money he wanted to give me.  All I had to provide was my social security number and my bank accounts.  It was simple!  

While I wait for the money to show up in my account I am continuing my career as a real estate agent.  So if you know someone in the Triangle who would like my help in the next few months, please send them my way.  I always make time for personal referrals, hopefully you feel good about sending your friends and family to someone they can trust- me!

Enjoy this wonderful spring weather!  Check out https://www.zachschabot.com if you’d like to see my new website.  I would love to hear your comments!

The email responses and phone calls started within approximately one minute after sending.

EMAIL #2 (2 days later)

Subject: Re: I need your help…

WOW!  I just wanted to thank everyone for a wildly entertaining two days.  I appreciate those of you who expressed a sincere concern for me after reading my email about the Ugandan prince.  To answer some of your questions…

– Yes, this was a joke.  
– No, I did not actually "fall for it."
– No, my email was not hacked. 
– I was trying to add some humor to the boring "if you know anyone buying or selling a home I would love for you to refer them to me" email.

NOW, which response do you like best…this will give you a glimpse into my friends who appreciate a light hearted approach to just about everything…enjoy!  

A.) Zach, don’t trust that email. It is a scam!  Only the widows of Nigerian generals have the real deal.  Hope I caught you in time.

B.) I will keep my eyes and ears out for a referral for you, but as you know I tend to run around with musician types who are more in the income bracket of wanting to sleep on your floor rather than to commit
to a mortgage 

C.) I don’t know Zach…… Would you trust someone who gave his social and acct numbers to a Prince? Maybe if he was a King….

D.) Zach, I know a Nigerian mega millionaire that needs some help placing a large sum. I sent him your home phone number.

Stay tuned for my next email.  Since I don’t think I am getting the money from the Prince I am going to make some other improvements in my life.  But don’t worry, you can still call me with your real estate questions.

The key message here- lighten up!  Be a real person.  The next generation of buyers will work with you because they like you and trust you.  That can only happen if you are transparent and honest with them.  And a little humor never hurts either…. 


-200 Emails sent
-45 email responses
   6 building company presidents or vp’s
   5 business owners
   10 past clients
   1 columnist for local biz journal
4 phone calls
    1 friend at a US Congressmen’s office
    2 Current clients

Initial Leads- 4 potential clients (2 referrals from past clients, one repeat client, one new client)

**Since this email went out two weeks ago I have received 2 additional referrals from past clients**

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