This piggybacks off my last video post where we talked about Tweetdeck as a power tool and the new changes coming soon. It is quickly becoming an “Outlook” tool for social networks. If you are serious about your social media presence and want to save time and energy, this is a great tool for Mac and PC.

I just did the update and here are the major changes (from Tweetdeck)

LinkedIn integration – Add a linkedIn column to see updates from your network, send status updates and comment on updates from your contacts
Twitter List support – Create & manage Twitter Lists within TweetDeck. Follow & unfollow Lists, Create List columns and even get suggested members based on your List title
Geo-location support – Show an inline map for tweets that contain location data using the new Twitter geo-location setting
Twitter Retweet support – Flexibility to perform both traditional retweets with edits, or the new-style retweets, with both types shown in your columns
New improved Add Column screen – Old toolbar icons and drop down menus replaced by slick new Add Column screen
• And many more smaller updates and fixes

Also, check ou the quick video on the release as well. Happy conversations!


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