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You know who they are. The folks who unsubscribe from the email newsletter, un-follow you on Twitter, de-friend you on Facebook.  Or for sales executives, it is the people who say, “Stop following up with me. Leave me alone. No.”

Marketing directors, you might deal with this. Do you have people go on your Facebook page and use that public forum to bash, complain, or say things like, “Why hasn’t the warranty department called me back?”

So we deal with these haters all the time. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now. There were times when I invested so much energy and effort putting together a blog post, combine it into an email newsletter, and send it out to thousands of people. When I got my first report on the analytics, I’d go right to those six people who unsubscribed. I’d look at the names and wonder, “Who are they? Where are they? What’s their email addresses? Why did they unsubscribe? Why don’t they like me?”

I just spent way too much energy worrying about those few unsubscribers instead of focusing on the positive feedback that I got.

I encourage all of you to think differently about that, too. Shift your mindset to the positive side, because worrying about those few haters will get you nowhere but frustrated and it detracts you from making progress. Colin Powell put it brilliantly: “Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.”

Think about that. If you’re pushing out new content and you’re doing something different or communicating more frequently or maybe creating content that’s a bit more edgy than others, you’re always going to deal with people who don’t like it. They don’t like your message. They unsubscribe, that’s okay. They’re not your audience. They tell you to “Stop calling me. I’m not interested.” That’s okay. They’re not a buyer. Not everyone is. In a way, they’re doing you a favor by excusing themselves from the buyers pool.

And you know, if they’re complaining on Facebook, let’s just face it, there will always be people who are just crazy, cranky, and impossible to please. Don’t waste your time with them. Put that time to better use on converting the true prospects.

So as you start dealing with this, don’t sweat it. I deal with it all the time. So I invite you “haters” to post your comments below. Tell me what I did wrong. For the rest of you, I hope you liked this video and can now focus on creating great content and pushing it out there without worrying about what the haters say.

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