Have you ever wished you could teleport your customers to the home you want them to see instead of waiting around for the next time they can visit in person? Well, now you have the next best thing.

Skype rolled out a new mobile version this week and it is a game changer for the real estate industry. Using your iPhone or Android phone, you can video call with Skype via WiFi and 3G. That’s not a typo…you can now use 3G for video calling! All your customer needs is a computer and the free Skype software. You can give them a virtual tour while they sit at their computer—at home or work. Use this tool to let them know you value their time.

In our test, the 3G can be spotty and wasn’t as clear as WiFi but IT WORKS! Think of all the uses (scroll down for just a few). To help me demonstrate this in real time, I called my friend Zach Schabot, REALTOR with Go Realty in Raleigh, which is 1,200 miles away from me. Here’s how it went:

Youtube Video Link

I know you want to sell more homes this year. You now have one more power tool to help you reach that goal.
12 Ways to use Skype Video Calling

1. Show homes to your customers without them being there.
2. Show the amenities (pool, park, clubhouse).
3. Demonstrate the soft closing drawers in the kitchen.
4. Give a tour of the street and the neighbors.
5. Set the phone on your dashboard and drive your prospect to the local school.
6. Show color selections.
7. Show the construction phases of the new home.
8. Demonstrate the tilt-in windows.
9. Walk the homesite .
10. Introduce the superintendent.
11. Stream the inspections.
12. Insert your idea here!

Don’t waste another minute. Download the new Skype Mobile app with the video calling right now. Start using it right away. And show your customers how easy you can make it to do business with you.

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