Close your eyes (okay, mentally close your eyes). Picture a twelve year old girl who just won front row seats to a Hannah Montana concert. Now, picture Seth Godin presenting the keynote speech to close out PCBC. Now picture me, Mike Lyon, meeting Seth Godin. I am the Hannah Montana girl. For myself, my passion and business life overlap. The opportunity to not only hear him speak but potentially shake his hand was a large influence in my decision to fly from Tulsa, OK to San Francisco for the 2009 conference.

He was set up to do a book signing at 9:00am – 1 hour before his presentation. I set up camp at 4:00 a.m., not really, but I did make sure I was there early to ask a few questions, and maybe get a little bit of his genius to rub off on me.

Let me say – he dropped a few bombs, opened my eyes and even answered some specific questions I had pertaining to some clients. It was time well spent.

As far as marketing goes, it’s no secret that the homebuilding industry has a lot of catching up to do. We need to do things differently, now I know it’s not just me thinking this, but Seth too. I encourage you to listen to his words of wisdom in this brief video interview. My favorite quote “the low hanging fruit is probably the most rotten fruit” You’ll like his socks too.

So, how will you implement his advice this year? Leave a comment and let us know.

Here are some excerpts from the tweets I was blasting during his keynote:

  • Opening line – We missed the warning signs and are here anyway We need to be congratulated.
  • The market has made it easier for builders left to make through the dip.
  • Comparing building business to record business – broke but not going away
  • Perfect industry for the past 30 years. A house was also an investment. Now it’s different
  • Home builders have been making brown cows. Average products for average people. Rethink building and selling.
  • Timid trapeze artists are dead trapeze artists. Home builders need to be bold
  • Tribes are built 10 get 10 get 10 enabled by Internet. Takes weeks not months. Only 1000 true fans needed.
  • Seth Godin – he bought his house to die there.Homebuilding may be moving back to long term investments.
  • Beatles did not invent teenagers, they just decided to lead them. We don’t need to create new tribes, just lead
  • Fill your house with details that don’t match the spec sheets. If you treat green like a gimmick, you will kill the movement
  • New home communities with tribes will outsell communities down the street with no tribes
  • Tell a story – Connect a tribe – Lead a movement – Make Change
  • Either quit today or make a commitment to do scary, patient, respectful things for 40 years
  • Pick up the phone. Tell customers “I built that home you live in -do you like it?
  • Do you have permission to market to past customers. Most likely not because you are afraid of getting sued for radon in the dirt.
  • Make a pot full of money. Create and lead tribes while doing it.

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