Recently, I was on a coaching call with one of my online sales teams discussing some action items that they were going to put into place. In sync and without hesitation they said, “We’ll add it to our board.” Of course, I said, “Tell me about this board.” They both moved out of the webcam’s view to reveal this large whiteboard that hangs behind them.

They proceeded to explain that they keep this board up to date with their to-do list, their monthly goals, company sales goals, and their tag team award winner (onsite team member who is demonstrating awesomeness). While this is amazing, I think what I love most about this board are the constant reminders listed: “No Lead Left Behind,” “100% Process, 100% of the Time,” <20% missed calls, and the sales funnel. Goals, actions, principles, and team are all key ingredients for your online sales business plan.

Goals – Know where you’ve been and where you need to go. Any good Online Sales Specialist knows how many leads they get on average and how many appointments they’ve set for the current month. They know their current overall conversion of lead to appointment and appointment to sale numbers. And they know what overall company sales are and their contribution to those sales. Staying up to date on the latest industry benchmarks is important as well, to see how you measure up.

Actions– Daily and monthly planning is essential to any good business. In order to progress, you must take action on tasks and concepts. Making a to-do list every morning will help you accomplish your goals. It’s also quite rewarding to be able to check tasks off your list.

Here’s an idea for you: Start your day with three actions items in the following categories; Self, Others, Work. Here’s what mine says today: 1. Self – Run for 30 minutes. 2. Others – Send a card to Kevin about new puppy 3. Work – Finish blog post.

Team– It’s not just about you. Don’t get stuck working in an online sales silo. Be an influencer in your organization. You’ll notice on the whiteboard that this online sales team makes a note of their current TTA (Tag Team Award) winner. This is an onsite salesperson who has done a good job with the appointment handoff or maybe their follow up.

Principles– Keeping the fundamentals of your business at the forefront. Make sure that every lead goes through your online sales process – EVERY lead. If you’re having a down month where leads, appointments, and sales are lacking – go back to the basics. Are you responding within 5 minutes? Are you missing fewer than 20% of calls? Are you self-evaluating your phone calls to improve?

By putting each of these components on their whiteboard for execution, this team demonstrated they are running their online sales program like a successful business. Success doesn’t happen hiding behind a computer. Success happens when goal-oriented, proactive, team players put a plan into action.

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