Realtor.com has hit a home run! A little late to the game but they finally released their iPhone app – and survey say… it’s actually good!

Until now, I had been using Zillow’s app as my location based search tool. Drive by a house, pop it up and see what the home was listed for. Problem was, not every home was on Zillow. (Of course, the opposite could be true about FSBO on Zillow and not Realtor.com…) At least I could get data without calling.

Now, Realtor.com released a slick app that works great. Check out the video below and the quick hits from their site. Download it and play around. Good stuff.

As Joel points out on his post, now is more important than ever to make sure your sites are optimized for mobile. I couldn’t agree more.

Here are some of the specs from the Realtor.com website (I have added my thoughts in parenthesis) :

Not only can you instantly access over 4 million homes for sale with the touch of a button (that’s huge), whether you are driving or walking through a neighborhood, you can also see:

  • Homes for sale nearby your current location with your GPS enabled iPhone (bam! huge…finally…)
  • Open house times, dates and locations (they still do open houses?)
  • Homes for sale on a map, even the neighborhood you’re standing in, instantly (yeah buddy!)
  • Multiple photos, property details and pricing on nearly any home for sale (Realtors you better add more photos, please for the love…)
  • More homes for sale than any other real estate site in America (true, for now at least)
  • Information you can trust – because it’s the official listing site of the National Association of REALTORS® (Well, if you say it’s official. really…I trust everything that’s on the interwebs)


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