We get many internet leads from Move, New Home Source, etc., which often come with only email addresses. We promptly respond to these emails, with, what we feel is a “wet the appetite” response. We rarely get a return call or a visit. How do we convert these inquiries to traffic?

That’s the million dollar question and here’s the million dollar answer: the goal of your follow-up program is to invoke a response from these prospects and build trust! Not everyone will respond, that is to be expected. The intention is to find the serious prospects (who are right for your business) and focus on moving them to the next stage. Here are some tips to get a response from the leads that are best suited to you:

  • Begin your email with something directed at this specific person. If people think they are receiving a form letter, they tend to move on.
  • Long emails are overwhelming to people, so keep it concise and specific. Consider the source and use their name.
  • Add a “Call Me Now” graphic or text in the center of the email and make sure they know they can talk to a live person.
  • Offer them something they can’t get from anyone else—limited time “special incentives” are great. Set yourself up as the one they need to talk to.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule. Don’t lose site of the 20 perfect matches because you are focusing on the 80 that might not ever contact you.
  • Ask one strong open-ended question at the end giving them a reason to respond!

Shoppers are spending longer looking for a home—the research phase for an internet buyer can average six months to one year. Just because they don’t respond immediately doesn’t mean they’re not interested. It simply means they have not yet bought in. Follow-up like they are an “A” lead and you stand a better chance of turning them into one. That will give you the edge over your competition and boost your conversion ratios. And be professionally persistent and personal—people buy from people they trust and trust is built over time. You’ll be surprised how many people will contact you a year or two later.

Keep up the great work and keep converting those browsers to buyers!

If you have a technique that helps you get a response—let us know by posting a comment.

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