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Did you know that two-thirds of home builders don’t follow up with online leads via phone, even when invited to do so? 😱

In Mike Lyon‘s latest article for Professional Builder Magazine, he lays out exactly how to outperform your competition when it comes to online lead follow-up, including how to boost your response rates by as much as 30 percent. And yes, the phone is involved.

Here are some of Mike’s quick tips from the article:

  • Pick up the phone and call your prospects. No one else is.
  • Follow up with a combination of phone calls and personal emails at least seven times during the first 30 days, then at least once a month after that.
  • Marketing emails or e-newsletters are OK to keep buyers informed, but they’re not effective prospecting tools.
  • Fix that attitude! People are afraid to be pushy or to bother people, but remember that you’re not selling, you’re trying to help someone with a life decision.
  • Keep personal emails bite-size; think: five short sentences.
  • If prospects aren’t interested, find out why.
  • Always set up the next step, even if it’s not purchasing.

You can read the full article by clicking the image below:

Professional Builder June 2019

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