Think of an OSC as another sales agent. You need someone with the same propensity and drive for helping customers, but with a burning desire to succeed. The main difference between an Onsite Sales Agent and an OSC is that an OSC is focused on setting appointments as opposed to “closing the deal.” However, the same closing techniques used for a sale can be used to “close” the appointment. In fact, only someone who has the courage to ask for the appointment (every time) will truly be successful. Many leads will have a laundry list of objections as to why they don’t want to visit a community, give their e-mail address, receive your newsletter, or why they simply want to “think about it.”

To have an OSC who is comfortable responding to these situations, you need to seek a person who handles objections well, is willing to continuously work on self-improvement and is eager to learn valuable scripts and techniques that will overcome the common objections, whether they arrive via e-mail or over the phone.

Many sales managers say to me, “It is hard to find a sales-oriented person who has a technology background.” That’s fine. I understand that, but you don’t need a computer geek. You need a salesperson.

There are plenty of companies you can enlist to set up the Online Sales Program for you. Once you have a process in place, almost anyone with desktop computer skills can manage this program. Don’t expect your OSC to handle the website development, search engine optimization, marketing and/or the e-mail campaign programs. It is truly hard to find an individual who has both strong sales skills and strong website development and marketing skills. Also, with a high volume of leads, they will simply not have time to focus on these other areas.

Here is an ideal list of qualities to look for in an OSC:

  • Sales background – An OSC is a salesperson first.
  • Strong computer skills – Most of their job functions are conducted on a PC. Your candidate must be familiar with most Microsoft Office programs and be comfortable conducting business online.
  • Excellent phone skills – When a lead responds, it is usually by phone. There is rarely any face-to-face selling.
  • Pleasing demeanor and people skills – Your OSC must be a natural when interacting with all types of people.
  • E-mail composition skills – Most communication is through e-mail conversations, so your OSC must be able to respond professionally as a representative of your company.
  • Motivated by commission – This is where salespeople excel, right? An OSC must be excited about the endless opportunities this profession offers.

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