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Mike LyonMike Lyon

Mike Lyon has accumulated a wealth of “real world” knowledge and first‐hand experience in the realm of online marketing and sales for home builders. He delivers his information from the trenches and draws from his diverse background in online advertising, digital design, and internet sales.

He gained this insight from managing the internet sales and marketing program for a top 100 home builder. The program that Mike created was the first in his market and the information, statistics, and strategies he presents are the result of his direct experience as an Online Sales Counselor and Sales & Marketing Director.

Mike speaks with authority about online conversion rates and best practices that can be implemented to boost sales from internet leads. He is recognized as one of the top innovators in online lead generation and conversion for the home building and real estate industries. A highly sought-after consultant and speaker, Mike has worked with many of the top 100 home builders and several of the world’s leading real estate companies.

With Mike’s energetic and entertaining speaking style, he infuses lively fun into the topics of online sales, marketing and technology at events all across the country and presents to thousands of sales and marketing professionals every year.

He is the author of Browsers to Buyers: Proven Strategies for Selling New Homes Online and Social Media Guide for Real Estate.

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Kevin OakleyKevin Oakley 

Kevin Oakley has over a decade of experience running marketing and sales operations for home builders of all shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise. Kevin has worked for two different multi-billion dollar revenue builders (NVR & Maronda Homes) as well as for a private family owned builder (Heartland Homes).

During his two years with NVR, a top 5 home builder, Kevin had full operational responsibility for land, construction, and sales for two home building divisions in the Pittsburgh MSA. While at Heartland Homes, Kevin’s management helped to grow sales by 15-20% each year during the downturn from 2008 – 2012 while simultaneously shrinking the marketing budget each year.

Kevin’s extensive background and time spent in the trenches allows him to uniquely connect with the challenges you face in today’s market. From launching new communities, increasing online lead volume or conversion, improving your customer’s experience, lowering marketing costs, web design, and so much more – he has a strategy for success. Kevin speaks regularly at the International Builder’s Show and Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference as well as select local home building associations and home building companies looking to gain an edge over the competition.

Kevin is the author of Presale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities and Phases with Maximum Results. A revised and expanded 2.0 version is now available in the books section of the website.

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Andrew PeekAndrew Peek 

Andrew Peek has over 8 years of experience managing performance driven digital marketing campaigns for businesses in a variety of industries. In total, Andrew has directly managed well over 10 million dollars in Google & Facebook Advertising. He believes in straightforward approaches to generating high quality leads while making the most efficient use of the budget available. At the end of the day, all that matters to him are results and constant improvement.

Prior to joining Do You Convert, Andrew owned a digital marketing agency that primarily focused on serving law firms and legal experts. His extensive background in working directly with clients on high-pressure “shoe string” budgets set the foundation for his tremendous impact for all Do You Convert clients.

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Jen BarkanJen Barkan 

With over 11 years in sales and marketing for new home builders, Jen Barkan brings additional frontline experience to Do You Convert as an Online Sales Coach. Jen developed and managed the Online Sales Program for Rose & Womble’s New Homes division in Hampton Roads which grew to represent 20 builders and over 45 communities.

In 2016, she was named Online Sales Consultant of the Year by the National Sales and Marketing Council of the National Home Builders Association and was also a Silver Award winner in 2015.  Later in 2016, Jen was the recipient of Professional Builder Magazine’s 40 under 40 award.

One of Jen’s true passions is helping dogs who need good homes.  During her time as an OSC, she started the Ask Jen Live program.  Each week she visited a new home community and brought along a dog from the SPCA to feature on social media.  With sponsorships from builder clients, Jen has rescued and helped to adopt over 60 dogs.


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[pirenko_blockquote author=”Robyn Asbury // Richmond American Homes” margin=””]Mike’s consulting services have been a tremendous asset to our organization as his cutting edge thinking has pushed our online sales program beyond my expectations. The incredible ROI our program has experienced in this housing market continues to speak for itself.[/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Matt Riley // Royal Oaks Homes” margin=””]We have doubled our sales and production from our Online Sales Program since working with these guys in just 6 short months. They not only bring a successful turn key operation to the Online Sales Counselor position and process, but their online marketing expertise takes them to the next level. If you are serious about selling homes in this new era of selling they are a no brainer![/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Gary Probert // Pardee Homes” margin=””]

Mike’s guidance enabled our New Home Specialist to efficiently handle a greater volume of leads, turn more leads into prospects and set more appointments for the onsite sales team. The payoff in one year, the conversion rate of online leads to sales increased 62%![/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Marty Gillespie // former Heartland Homes President” margin=””]I was always blown away by what Kevin could pull off. He kept the company focused on what mattered, and results always followed. Lead generation appears to be his second language.[/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Andrew Ladner // Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County” margin=””]This was the highest attended morning and afternoon session we have scheduled in the past two years. This was truly a sold out, standing room only, high energy seminar series! Many companies canceled their scheduled plans or walked out of other events to attend your afternoon session. Our group has high expectations for speakers/instructors and will leave early if they don’t feel educated or motivated.[/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Mary Becker // VP Sales & Marketing – Schumacher Homes” margin=””]Working with Mike Lyon has taken the performance and results of our National Sales Center to the next level and beyond. He is cutting edge in his use of technology but also maintains a customer focus striving for the optimal customer experience. He understands the needs of an Inside Sales department because he has lived it which gives him great credibility with the Online Sales Consultants. Mike is one of the sharpest people in the homebuilding industry today![/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Mike Tuskes // Tuskes Homes” margin=””]The big question I had was: if I invest in a CRM system and online sales consultant, will I increase sales?  Well, I trusted Mike to implement the entire process and within 6 months, we had created the ultimate sales producing machine. We will see a 45% increase in our business year over year due in large part to his program [/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Myers Barnes // President – Myers Barnes Associates New Home Sales Training” margin=””]Mike Lyon is master of the internet who delivers his message from the trenches, and what he teaches not only makes sense, but is simple to follow and easy to implement. He is literally the heavyweight champion of the world for online, real estate sales. Kevin Oakley is a creative resource capable of bending your mind like a pretzel and getting things done![/pirenko_blockquote]

[pirenko_blockquote author=”Greg Simmons // Simmons Homes” margin=””]The Online Sales Program Mike created has been one of the primary factors in our sales growth. What a great return on investment! Every builder, no matter how big or small, should have program like this. [/pirenko_blockquote]

This amazing resource has been downloaded over 3,000 times by real estate professionals all over the world.