I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Stroud; cofounder of Selling More Homes Media, and host of BuilderRadio’s Selling More Homes Podcast and Blog. The topic of our conversation? “No Lead Left Behind”.

“We want more leads!”

That’s the mantra of every sales team in virtually any industry.  Sales is considered a ‘numbers game,’ and no matter how effective the company’s marketing might be, it’s never enough to quiet the sales force.

But ‘more leads’ doesn’t necessarily mean more sales.  If you don’t have an effective sales process – one that matches the way prospects shop, compare and buy, than generating more leads will be a waste of your marketing dollars.

I have a different mantra: No lead left behind.  “Most builders don’t need more leads, they just need to do a better job converting the leads they already have and increase their conversion ratios.

Watch the podcast below to find out more about how convert the leads you have and increase your conversion ratios!

Having troubles viewing the Podcast? Listen to the audio on Builder Radio.

Conversion Targets:

  • 20% of online leads should convert to kept appointments
  • 30% of appointments should convert to sales
  • 2 – 3 times higher conversion rate from online shoppers than walk-ins
  • Online leads should ultimately account for 25% of all company sales

Online Lead Response Rates:

  • 40% of leads from your website or online sources will respond to follow-up
  • 60% won’t respond
  • Implement short-term and long-term follow-up process

Follow-up Processes:

  • To get an appointment:  7-9 touches in 30-45 days
  • “Customers never complain about too much follow-up”
  •  “Every email is an excuse for a phone call; every phone call is an excuse for an email.”
  • Engage in a way that is personal and relevant to the individual.
    • Send relevant info via email; call to tell that you sent it.
    • Financing info; links to video; update site info…

 Point:  Stay in front of your prospects with information that helps them move forward and encourages them to do so.

Web form:  Ask for phone number but don’t make it required. 30% will include it.

Online Sales Counselor:

  • 5x more effective in converting appointments.
  • Specialists trained in online communications
  • Respond to inquiries within 1 minute
  • Singular goal – fast and relevant follow-up to set 1st appointment
  • Must be great with email and phone communications
  • Allows on-site sales professionals to spend more time with qualified buyers.

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