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The best content on new home online sales for builders and developers can be found right here! No one builds a better online sales program than Do You Convert, and you can learn many of our best secrets from our videos and articles below. Whether you are thinking of starting a program, or have an experienced team in place – there is something for everyone.

My 3rd DYC Summit – Same As It Ever Was

My 3rd DYC Summit – Same As It Ever Was

We recently wrapped our 4th Online Sales and Marketing Summit. I have attended three of the four summits, each from a different viewpoint: as a seasoned OSC, a new coach, and lastly an experienced coach. I realized that although my perspective changed each year, many things remained the same....

🎥AHA moments from the 2018 Online Sales & Marketing Summit

Posted by Do You Convert on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A-HA Moments! – Not the band from the 80’s

On our latest FB Live Episode - Mike and Jen talk about their favorite AHA moments from our recent Online Sales & Marketing Summit in Dallas, TX Show Notes: Connecting With Sales - Still have some work to do here.  Stop operating in a...

It’s On You

It’s On You

 Photo credit: YouTube “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” – Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing It’s hard enough establishing the importance of the Online Sales role. We hear all the time, “People don't really understand what I do.” Ok, so how can you change that? Stop worrying about things outside of your...

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Everyone gets “leads” from their website and online advertising, but not everyone can convert those leads consistently to sales. That’s where we come in. You’ll find insights into the very best online sales tactics right here that can help you to build a winning program. Can’t find the exact topic you are looking for? You can search using the magnifying glass in the top right, or contact us directly here.

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