qaThis question comes from Kate – an Online Sales Counselor in Las Vegas

The signs and fliers of our inventory homes around town list a number to call, but no pricing. When people call, the majority of them are calling directly for the price and I’ve found that if I beat around the bush and don’t give them the price immediately, they get irritated. But if I say I don’t know and try to defer the question (I’ve tried to say “we’ve had a recent price adjustment and I’m not sure of the exact price” or “it’s actually under contract” or a variety of other non-committal responses) the phone call ends abruptly as well. My goal is to make an appointment for them to see the home with one of the onsite sales agents. What would you recommend saying?

I understand your frustration — I have been in your exact position. We have to walk a thin line between being aggressive and being helpful. Let’s look first at the reason why they are calling — to get more information about your home and qualify you as the builder. If they ask you a specific question — you should answer that question and then immediately respond with a powerful follow up question.

If they want to know the price, then you should respond with, “That home starts at $200,000. What is the investment range you were looking for?”

If they tell you that this is in their price range, I would recommend saying, “Perfect, are there any specific features or amenities you are looking for in your next home or community?” By asking probing questions, you will find out the information you need to build urgency and set the appointment while creating an opportunity for the relationship between you to build. You may not want to ask too soon for the appointment. Work on building up a rapport, listening to their needs and and gathering more information. Once you have done that, then asking for the appointment is a logical approach and easier for the prospect to swallow. It could go like this, “Sounds like this home might be a great fit! Would you like to set an appointment to come out and see this home and our community up close?”

If they object to the appointment, then you need to have something else of value that you can send to their email address. Remember, there are 2 goals from the phone call — either get an appointment or get their email address to follow up with them. Good luck and keep up the great work!

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