One of the key benefits of an Online Sales Program is the ability to track and quantify actual results. Because you can measure results in every area, it is imperative that you spend time understanding the statistics so you can test and change the program to produce better results. 

One of the important areas to track is the Appointments and Contracts – which will help you measures the effectiveness of both your OSC and your Online Sales Program. This is one area that should be easy to track. Your OSC is paid from the result of these measurements so s/he should be able to stay on top of it fairly well. The key areas for tracking are:

  • Appointments Set
  • Appointments Kept
  • Appointments Missed
  • Contracts from Appointments
  • Closings from Appointments
  • Ratio of Online Contract vs. Onsite Contracts
  • Ratio of Online Closings vs. Onsite Closings
  • Leads who visited but did not schedule with OSC
  • Percentage of Leads from Unique Visitors

The OSC will track the initial appointment set and will need a confirmation from the onsite agent after the appointment is held to verify that the prospect visited the community. If the leads management software you choose does not have the ability to let the onsite agent update the status of the appointment, the OSC can send a quick e-mail after the appointment time verifying that the prospect made it to the appointment. This is also a good time to make sure the prospect liked the neighborhood and does not need further information. A well-trained OSC will follow up with the lead if the appointment was missed or they did not like the neighborhood and will try to set another appointment. 

By comparing and tracking the percentages of sales driven from your Online Sales Program, you will be able to justify the amount of marketing dollars spent to acquire these customers.

I recommend creating two reports for both the appointments set (to be used for commission tracking) as well as the conversion ratios for the leads. Many CRM tools have tracking integrated into the software, if not, you can use a multi-page report created in Excel that combines data from each report in the different areas.