Shopper Data Leads to More Informed Business Decisions
By Robb Cohen – CEO, BeHomeWise Inc.

Using a more comprehensive lead management solution can also provide builders with business intelligence on their prospective shoppers and marketplace that helps them to make more informed decisions about their business and to increase profitability. By capturing shopper data in a central database, a sophisticated lead management system can give a builder the ability to:

  • View and analyze more detailed data on prospective shoppers
  • Provide up-to-the-minute reporting on current marketing initiatives
  • Provide up-to-the-minute access to sales agent activities and progres
  • Allow for real-time data sharing amongst sales staff and managers
  • Increase communications across an organization

In addition to providing real-time insight into operations and sales team performance, this system will produce customized performance reports on aggregated shopper data to help builders understand which shoppers are buying, where, when and for how much. This information helps to drive future product planning, as well as to guide agents on their sales pitch and to direct the marketing department on their promotional efforts.

Sales reports, run separate prospect reports, and access performance metrics on the sales force. They can also “drill-down” and run more detailed reports to break down sales data by region, division or community. Builders can even gather specific marketing information such as: which advertisement drove more shopper traffic to a given community, OR which radio spot drove attendance to a recent Grand Opening. This data collection allows for continual monitoring and adjusting of marketing activities to maximize a buider’s marketing, sales / business development and operational expenditures.

The right lead management system will allow builders to collect and analyze this business intelligence in a way that helps them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business.

A Critical New Business Tool for Builders

Having a sophisticated lead management system, specifically designed to manage online leads as well as “off-line” leads, has become more critical to builders for many reasons beyond simply the ability to follow up with leads in a timely fashion. If the right system is selected, an effective online lead management system has become a critical business tool for prioritizing the company’s sales and marketing activities, gathering extensive business intelligence and making more informed operational decisions. The result for builders will be a reduction in expenses, improved operational efficiencies and maximized profits!

BeHomeWise is an Internet lead management system for home builders. Founded and developed by new home sales expert, Robb Cohen. Learn more about BeHomeWise by visiting, or by calling (866) 246-6399

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