Automating Lead Response and Follow Up
By Robb Cohen – CEO, BeHomeWise Inc.

A sophisticated response system cuts down on builder overhead, by automatically managing the entire management and response process. It can also reduce the sales cycle by connecting customers to sales agents as quickly as possible, and immediately providing shoppers with the information they need.

With the tremendous number of shopper leads coming in via the Internet alone, many leads can get lost or go unanswered. A system that can automatically respond to customer inquiries and information requests can save valuable time and money. More importantly, providing a prompt response can build or maintain your image as a professional, responsive, customer-oriented company. Today’s online shoppers are short on time and intolerant of unanswered requests for information. For prioritized leads, it is therefore essential that a builder be able to immediately respond to an inquiry, send electronic brochures or other information that can begin to answer a shopper’s questions.

Basic lead management systems will issue automatic responses to shopper inquiries. However, the more sophisticated lead management system will allow builders to:

  • Customize the response message to the shopper based on their ranking
  • Distribute the lead to the appropriate sales agent or community
  • Select the right information to send back to the shopper

These systems can also keep track of leads that may be high quality, but not ready to buy right away. A built-in “tickler file” reminds sales agents to follow up on shopper leads sixty to ninety days after inquiry – right at the time when shoppers indicated they would be interested in buying.

Builders can use also a comprehensive system to send an automatic “thank-you”s, holiday cards, customized marketing pieces to promote new locations, or an exit survey to get shopper feedback on their sales experience.

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BeHomeWise is an Internet lead management system for home builders. Founded and developed by new home sales expert, Robb Cohen. Learn more about BeHomeWise by visiting, or by calling (866) 246-6399

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