You should use a similar process to hire an Online Sales Counselor as you do for an Onsite Agent. There are a couple of tactics to use that will insure you find the right person:

  • Conduct the beginning phases using only e-mail correspondence and insure prompt response.
  • Require all resumes and questionnaires to be sent by e-mail.
  • Conduct follow-up interview strictly by phone. Remember that buyers will never see the OSC; only talk with him or her by phone.
  • Ask your candidate to answer sample e-mail requests based on information about your builder.

You will be able to eliminate about 95% of applicants by observing e-mail skills and promptness. As I said before, you are not looking for a computer geek, but you do need someone who is proficient in using computers and e-mail.

OSC Work Schedule

I am always asked what hours an OSC should keep. Just as Onsite Agents are in the model when people are out looking, an OSC should be manning e-mail and phones when people are browsing online. Ironically, that is usually during normal business hours – with a higher concentration during lunch time. Because of the ability to work in the office or remotely, an OSC can respond to leads from any location with a high-speed internet connection.

The speed of the initial response greatly affects the conversion ratio. This requires an “on call” approach to this position. An OSC needs to be flexible and willing to answer the calls and e-mails promptly. In turn, the builder will need to take a flexible look at the hours in which an OSC is required to work.

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