How many times has someone suggested that you treat your Internet leads differently from your normal physical traffic? Pundits and sales trainers often tell you this. Since these buyers have already visited you online, you have to treat them differently. They tell you to treat them as a Be-Back.

The explanation for this prescription is quite logical. First, the Internet is an integral part of more than 80% of shoppers’ new home searches. Second, it is annoying and a waste of time to go through all the general information about the community that these prospects already know. Finally, you are wasting a tremendous opportunity to move the dialogue and sale along by not treating these folks differently.

These prospects have already read about the community and looked at plans and inventory, and may already be comfortable with the location, product and price. Well, those pundits and sales trainers are right. What they rarely explain is how you should treat these Internet savvy buyers differently.

This month, I share with you what it means to treat Internet traffic as Be-Back. I loosely paraphrase from a script Myers Barnes delivered at IBS in 2006. Myers is a friend, so I hope he will forgive me for butchering his carefully crafted script. What he had to say was quite profound, because it is a short-cut to improving your Internet-related closing rates. Here it goes:

Salesperson: Welcome to Winding Creek. Thank you for coming in today. May I ask you a question?

Prospect: Certainly.

Salesperson: Our marketing department tells us that a large percentage of our customers visit our website before visiting this location. Did you happen to visit us online before coming in today? [I know it seems to be far too leading of a question]

Prospect: Why, yes, we did.

Salesperson: Great. So, we could say that this is more like your second visit to Winding Creek. Isn’t that right?

Prospect: I guess so.

Salesperson: Welcome back. Tell me. When you visited us online, were there any plans that you remember particularly liking?

Prospect: Well, there was one. I think you call it the Collette.

Salesperson: Fantastic. We happen to have a model of the Collette available here to see. Should we have a look?

Prospect: That would be great.

That wasn’t too bad, was it? You will have to practice, and a little role playing will go a long way to making it natural. You will soon be cutting short the critical path and jumping ahead into your product demonstration. More importantly, you will close more sales.


Blair Kuhnen publishes FloorPop. He is VP/General Manager for Builder Homesite’s Consumer Business Unit which includes the Web’s leading home builder portal, .
He can be reached at 817-658-7698

And thanks to Myers Barnes for the great ideas – visit his blog at

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