I’m really excited about this post. This year at PCBC (one of the best tradeshows evvvvveeeerr) I had the honor of introducing Gary Vaynerchuk. His keynote blew the audience away, plus he even stayed for another 45 minutes hosting Q&A for the crowd. Before the event, I was able to hang out with Gary and talk about the future, what’s coming in our industry and how his concepts translate for us. Toward the end, I asked to shoot a quick video and he graciously agreed. Check it out!

UPDATE: PCBC uploaded the video from the show – it’s embedded below. or just watch it here. (Careful, there is some strong language)

Be sure to tweet this out and send him some love too: Hey @garyvee, just watched your interview w/ @mikelyon Thanks for the spiritual kick to the head https://bit.ly/MVxKKa

Bonus: Keynote from PCBC

Mike: Hey, Mike Lyon here, and I just happened to run into this guy. I don’t know if you know him. It’s Gary Vaynerchuk, how you doing, man?

Gary: Good, Mike. How are you?

Mike: Good to have you here. I’ve got a question for you. For anybody out there selling homes today, what does the “thank you” economy mean to them? How does that translate?

Gary: You know, whether you’re selling trinkets, wine, like my background, or big things, like homes, the fact of the matter is, in a 2012 world, the bulls@#$ radar of the consumer is greater than ever. And so giving effort, and understanding that pouring dollars into archaic platforms that no longer convert (print) I mean when was the last time you went to the Yellow Pages? All these avenues that people are trying to bring attention to their businesses and yet, there’s nobody there anymore, and putting it into the end consumer and understanding that your next . . . especially when I think about home buying, and you think about the demo of Facebook’s growth. When you think about 25 to 45-year-olds in Facebook, how much of their attention, you’re talking about 6 hours a day, on average, for some female demos on Facebook. This is where the attention is. No matter what you sell; home or wine or anything else, you’re looking for the attention of the consumer, and playing where the consumer is matters.

Now here’s where the thank you part of all this economy comes in. You actually have to care. The days of bullshitting, the days of like, “Oh, we forgot to tell you that there’s a radiation tower next door,” the days of, you know, that stuff  are over. Anything extreme to that, even little things like not being authentic about the hardwood floors you used, are over. The honesty of the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s are back. I like to always say, “The more our world goes Jetsons, the people that act like the Flintstones are going to win.” Tweet This Remember that statement. Understand to put your dollars, your working dollars, in places where people are. That combo, that cross-section, that’s success.

Mike: So how do you think you would tell them to get their customers to talk about you? How do you get them to do things that are going to be different?

Gary:  You parent them. You care about them first.

So like in a Facebook fan page, instead of pushing out a listing for your project, how about asking people, “What confuses you about buying a new home?” What about bringing value? If you Google me, and I’m going to assume a lot of you don’t know who I am, I started a wine show to educate people. I was reviewing wine that my store sold and I was panning them, because I cared about being America’s Wine Guy, not about selling one more bottle of wine. When you start thinking long term, when you start thinking marathon, not sprint, especially, listen, I have a pulse on the economy. You guys are about to have another rise. We’re getting out of this s@34storm. Right? So, as you go to that world, building brand equity, as an authentic leader in your space, is going to really, really matter. Tweet This So bringing value, teaching people how to get a mortgage, you know, it’s a 360 thing. Teaching people the upside of this neighborhood because you already know another builder is building a shopping center down the street and a new school’s being built, and this is a good investment, that kind of authentic information. Giving people the public information that you would give your child about your project is a really smart business move.

Mike: That’s awesome. Looking forward to your keynote, man. It’s going to be awesome.

Gary: Looking forward to it.

Mike: And we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks for everything.

Gary: Take care.