I’ve recently discovered, after presenting at Epcon Communities’ national sales summit, that Epcon agents are people who take action!

During the summit, I had the pleasure of sharing concepts with their sales team and builder partners on how to create digital communities. We talked about integrating new technology into the sales process.

After my discussion on incorporating video into the sales presentation about 12 sales executives didn’t just take notes, they took action. They went to Target and bought Flip Mino cameras (rumor has it security almost kicked them out for trying to negotiate a group discount)

You know me, I never go anywhere without my own Flip. While I was there I shot a few clips myself with some amazing individuals!

In the first interview, I talk with Phil Fankhauser the CEO of Epcon and the best-dressed man in the industry. He shared some great concepts the night before. Here is my favorite quote, “If the market is 17% off, doesn’t that mean we are 83% on?”

Next up is Nanette Overly, the VP of Sales and a dynamic individual discussing action steps for 2010.

And finally, Ed Barber, Sales Executive of the year for Epcon talks about how he is going to use video email to blow up his business in 2010. (plus he talks about his dog, Teddy Bear)

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