Myers Barnes has a great post over on his blog – Visits are Out. Encounters are In—And Encounters Can Occur On-site or Online.

He comments:

In the old economy, prospects shopped by the process of elimination. They would drive around, build their short list and eventually settle on their new neighborhood and home. In today’s economy, new homebuyers shop by the process of exclusion on the Internet. They build their short list and then visit only the neighborhoods they are seriously considering. In building a list of places of interest, they will have many encounters. Each time they log on to your website, it’s an encounter. So they could easily have had 10 encounters with your new homes/homesites before you ever get the first opportunity to meet and greet them.

I can’t agree more. A good percentage of our prospects will spend more time on our website than we will! When researching one of the largest investments a person will make, the website and other listing sites become a “power tool” for the prospect putting them in driver seat.

Don’t give them a reason to eliminate you. Keep your site fresh, up to date and full of useful information they are looking for.