Email: we use it everyday, we love it and we need it! Here is the catchy part, how many of us open every single email we get (especially if we know it is from someone who is trying to sell us something)? Think about it…be honest…okay we are all on the same page now. There are ways, however, if you are that sales person, to get your emails opened (and hopefully read, clicked through and responded to).

Most importantly you need to beef up your email subject line. Subject lines are a deal breaker when it comes to email campaigns. They can send you skyrocketing to super-stardom or send you to the depths of the trash folder with other unread emails or worse- the dreaded spam folder!

Let’s check the stats: conducted a recent survey and 40% of email marketers said testing changes to just their subject line had a high impact on their return on investment (ROI). 45% said subject line changes accounted for a medium ROI and only 15% said that testing changes to their subject line results in a low ROI.

Here are a few tips to avoid the trash, stay out of spam, get read and get results.

Who are you? It is vital that your readers know who the email is coming from you. Do not cause confusion in the inbox or your email will end up in the trash box. The name of your company should be the first priority of every email you send. Get into your email settings and double check your “from” tool and ensure your name as well as your companies name are set to be shown. For example, “From: Mike Lyon “.

Make it personal – If you know your readers personally or know a few facts about them use that in your subject line. To catch their eye put their first name in the subject line and it will set your email apart from the others right there in the inbox. Rather than a subject line of Your Recent Home Search – you could put, Mike – Your Personalized Home Search

A matter of importance – Always include as much important and pertinent information in your subject line as you can. If you send out an email about a specific home, community or area – make sure that is featured.

Take it for a test drive – Look through your past email campaigns. Compare and contrast the winners and the losers. Keep an out for certain topics, styles or trends that had popular open and conversion rates.

Be clear and concise – Make it obvious what the email is about in your subject line. If your reader has to click on your email to understand what in the world you are talking about your email will fall into obscurity. This is your one shot to make it clear to readers what you want to say so just say it!

Don’t be a spammerSpam is a four lettered word in the internet age. We don’t like it, we don’t want it and our email server knows this! They will filter you out of the inbox as soon as you click send. Avoid words such as free, stock, ebay, password, mortgage and do not exclaim anything! Keep exclamations away from your emails. Spam filters love them because readers do not like them.

As always I would love to hear your ideas on what makes your email campaigns successful. Any of you have unique subject lines you would like to share? We are all in this email gig together so let’s get the creative juices flowing!

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