I had an interesting experience the other day. I had become a fan of a builder’s Facebook page but had not interacted at all on the wall of the page. At the time of this post – the community has 75 fans.

This message below showed up in my Facebook inbox.


This prospective customer is using alternative means to get real world feedback. I think this an awesome example of the use of these miniature digital communities.

This potential buyer is looking for validation through word of mouth. They want to hear what the experience is like straight from a customer, not just the company or sales executive.

The challenge for everyone in the real estate industry, especially those who are building or representing entire communities, is to encourage interaction from past customers and clients. Many are nervous about what customers are going to say. Building and/or purchasing a home is a complicated transaction that can have several points of contention (negotiating price, chinese drywall, warranty issues, delays in closing, financing debacles etc.) not to mention the “crazy” customers (everyone has them!) it is hard to open your business up for comments.

There are always going to be issues, but you still need to find those raving fans and get them participating. I would venture to say this is some of the best “marketing dollars” you could spend.

Do you have any Social Media stories to share (good or bad)? What are your concerns?

If you are looking for a positive example – take a look at this video of actual customers that was shot a while back. Scroll down and check out the comments. Good stuff.

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