buildtopiaBuildtopia is launching BT Lead – a scaled “light” version of their BT Sales product (which is fantastic).

Here’s the quote from Beau Engman:

“With BuildTopia’s BT Lead, companies have a powerful sales and marketing tool, accessible any time, anywhere, at an effective cost,” said Beau Engman, President of BuildTopia. “Once the current cycle in the building industry has passed, BT Lead can be added to BuildTopia’s full sales and option management section, then to the construction management system for a fully integrated program. No lead management system in the home building industry has ever had that kind of scalability with one company.”

Hats off to these guys for shifting their product and providing a low cost solution. It’s a great sign that we are all in this together and the strong will survive.

You can view the full press release here >>

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