Photo by joshbousel

Photo by joshbousel

It was 9 degrees here this morning – but that didn’t stop my wife from getting up early to go running in the dark. I figured if she was disciplined enough to get up, brave the cold and come back with a frozen ponytail – then I could do my weekly hotlinks post.

There were some great articles last week:

  • Seth Godin had a post on Brands, social, clutter and the sundae exploring social media and some of the mistakes a business should look to avoid
  • Keithe Good had a post over on BHI’s blog on asking Are We Primed for a Recovery? I truly feel this is not the same rhetoric we saw back when everybody wished this problem would go away. We still have some major issues to work through – but I believe most builders have accepted the current market and are making extremely positive changes.
  • There was a lot of buzz on this article – Twitter has made Dell $1 million in revenue I saw some great commentary. Basically – Twitter did not make Dell $1 mil – but the offers distributed by Twitter made Dell $1 mil. It has the same affect as offers by email, Adwords, telemarketing, and traditional advertising. However, the point is that Twitter can be a viable source of broadcasting the message.
  • Here is a post on Successful Blogging Must Haves Similar to the Twitter conversation. Builders must realize that creating a blog is not a magic bullet. It must have a voice and an audience so people to take notice.

I hope everyone has great plans for the holiday! I will have a couple of re-posts of popular articles from this year and will be back on the “writing horse” after the 1st. I am also trying to wrap up 2 sales this week – motivated shoppers looking for a big Christmas present to themselves! We had a customer lock in at 4.7% – it’s a great time to buy!

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