Top 10 Market Proof Marketing Episodes of Last Year

Top 10 Market Proof Marketing Episodes of Last Year

Jan 21, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Top 10 Episodes of 2020

Market Proof Marketing hit two milestones in 2020. The podcast from the marketing team at Do You Convert turned two years old AND published episode number 100. It just so happened that both of these occasions happened at the height of COVID-19 (or should we say… peak #1 of the pandemic?). So we skipped the festivities and kept plugging away at creating content that would help our listeners navigate unfamiliar marketing terrain and become better marketers in general.

Now that the new year has come and gone and we’ve had a moment to reflect, we thought we’d revisit those episodes that resonated the most with our listeners.

What’s interesting is that, of the 10 most downloaded episodes of 2020, most were focused on skills and best practices that would help new home marketers in any market. Hence the name… Market Proof Marketing.😉  Here are the top 10 episodes of 2020 – enjoy!

#10 Ep 98: Why Online Marketing and Sales Need Each Other Now (published April 27, 2020)

Mike Lyon and Jen Barkan join Kevin Oakley for a special LIVE edition of Market Proof Marketing to discuss why online sales and marketing should be in complete sync as we adapt to current market conditions.

Market Proof Marketing · Why Online Sales and Marketing Need Each Other Now

#9 Ep 104: Leading with Curiosity with Linnea Chapman (published June 11, 2020)

Our special guest is Linnea Chapman, Marketing Director at Trumark Homes in Northern California. Learn how her career journey has taken her from art history to home building, and how she continues to approach her work with a curious, thoughtful mind.

Market Proof Marketing · Leading with Curiosity with Linnea Chapman

#8 Ep 99: Brad Inman Stops By (published May 4, 2020)

Brad Inman, award-winning journalist and founder and owner of Inman, real estate’s leading name in news and innovation, stops by to chat with Kevin about lessons the real estate community as a whole can learn from the downturn.

Market Proof Marketing · Brad Inman Stops By

#7 Ep 105: Online Lead Follow-Up in 2020 – How Are Builders Doing? (published June 18, 2020)

Our special guests this week are DYC’s own Mike Lyon and Jen Barkan! They join Andrew to discuss the results of the 2020 Home Builder Follow-Up Survey. Learn how builders handled online leads before and during COVID-19, and why it’s important for marketers to understand the details of lead management.

Market Proof Marketing · Online Lead Follow-Up in 2020 – How Are Builders Doing?

#6 Ep 83: Attribution Analysis with Kirk Williams (published January 15, 2020)

This week we go deep into marketingland for a discussion about lead attribution with one of the foremost PPC experts in the world, Kirk Williams. Kirk is the author of numerous articles on the subject, including one of Kevin’s favorites from 2019. On this episode he shares insight around why attribution is NOT the holy grail of marketing analysis, and the circumstances in which it actually works well.

Market Proof Marketing · Attribution Analysis with Kirk Williams

#5 Ep 87: Bring Your Brand Story to Life with Melanie Deziel (published February 12, 2020)

Bringing your brand story to life through content can seem daunting. What’s your brand story, anyway? This week we’ve got one of the world’s leading experts in native advertising and branded content to help. Melanie Deziel is the founder of StoryFuel, a consulting firm that equips professionals with skills and strategies to tell better brand stories, and the author of The Content Fuel Framework. On this episode she guides us through how to build a content framework for easier ideation and execution.

Market Proof Marketing · Bring Your Brand Story to Life with Melanie Deziel

#4 Ep 92.5 – Skate to Where the Puck is Going (published March 19, 2020)

Updates on the current conditions and what marketers and builders need to be considering plus answers to audience questions.

Market Proof Marketing · Skate To Where The Puck Is Going

#3 Ep 89: From New Recruit to Division President – A Marketer’s Career Journey (published February 27, 2020)

Ever wonder what your career journey as a new home marketer could look like, or how someone with an enviable title “made it?” These are natural questions for career-minded professionals, and this week we’ve got one of our own to shed some light on the subject. Lauren Spamer is the Division President for Charter Homes in Central Pennsylvania and she shares her interesting journey to “the top.” You’ll never guess how she even got started in the home building industry.

Market Proof Marketing · From New Recruit to Division President – A Marketer’s Career Journey

#2 Ep 86: How to Improve Your Craft and Advance Your Career (published February 6, 2020)

Fresh off the heels of IBS, Kevin and team were inspired to share some specific resources and methods they use to constantly improve their craft. From books and podcasts to cultivating a curious mind, there’s something here to inspire all new home marketers.

Market Proof Marketing · How to Improve Your Craft and Advance Your Career

#1 Ep 82: CRM Success with Abbie Mirata (published January 9, 2020)

This week we are joined by Abbie Mirata, VP of People and Culture for ApostleTech, a Salesforce implementation and support partner. Learn why builders of all sizes should spend more effort building, integrating and improving their internal data and communications systems to better manage their success.

Market Proof Marketing · CRM Success with Abbie Mirata

What’s been YOUR favorite episode of the season? Let us know in the Market Proof Marketing Facebook group.

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