Launch Your Online Sales Career with DYC’s Online Sales Academy

Launch Your Online Sales Career with DYC’s Online Sales Academy

Oct 23, 2020 | By Jackie Lipinski

Do You Convert Online Sales Academy

The Knowledge & Resources You Need to Launch Your Program & Career

The Online Sales Academy is the new home industry’s premier training event for online sales specialists. Whether you are new to the role or just getting started in your career, in this 2-day live workshop November 18-19th, new home online sales coaches Mike Lyon and Jen Barkan will help you to:

  • Understand your role and the online sales process and how both are evolving
  • Work efficiently to ensure you are hitting your monthly goals
  • Manage your workload to avoid burnout
  • Bolster support for your program from company leadership
  • Connect with fellow online sales specialists from around the country to share experiences and offer solutions
  • Become an indispensable online sales expert

Understand Your Role

Since April 1st of 2020, home builders across the country have experienced anywhere from a 50-236 percent increase in traffic to their websites, year-over-year. Organizations lacking the right people, processes and programs have scrambled to accommodate the surge in prospective buyers. But there is a tried, true and scalable way to start or expand an online sales program. You’ll learn how the best programs in the country operate for maximum efficiency and success.

Work More Efficiently

Oftentimes, online sales specialists wear many hats. But this is one role that needs to be laser focused in order to succeed. Learn what your money-making tasks are, how you should prioritize them, and which requests it’s ok to say “no” to.

Manage Your Workload

One of the main challenges we’ve seen in this role since March (if not the primary one) is an overwhelming workload. Online sales specialists are managing 2-3x the incoming leads with little additional support. Learn exactly how much work one sales specialist can handle effectively, and if you are exceeding that, how to ask for help from leadership. If you are overwhelmed, customer experience suffers, and so do sales.

Bolster Support from Leadership

Let’s be honest – leadership often has little knowledge of what an online sales specialist does day-to-day (it’s so much more than answering phones). Oftentimes, executives just know that if they don’t have someone in this role, they’re missing out on opportunities. The Online Sales Academy will teach you which information to report on daily, weekly and monthly, which meetings to attend or call for, and how to coach your leadership on what you need to develop a successful online sales program.

Connect with Fellow Online Sales Specialists

This is one aspect of the Online Sales Academy that is lauded over and over again by attendees. Being in the online sales role can often feel like working in a bubble, especially if you are the only one. Yet, hundreds of colleagues exist across the country, and this academy is an opportunity to learn about other programs, realize common struggles, and problem-solve together with the coaching of Mike and Jen.

Become an Expert

The Online Sales Academy is the only program that gives you the knowledge and resources to become an expert in your field. Upon successful course completion, you’ll be awarded a Do You Convert Certificate of Achievement – an accomplishment that adds to your personal brand and marketability.

The upcoming Online Sales Academy, November 18-19th, will be a virtual event to accommodate online sales specialists who are new to their organizations or are launching a new program. When you enroll you’ll get:

  • 2 Days of Live Virtual Classes with limited space to ensure 1-1 support and interaction
  • Fast Start Program  – designed to ramp up your knowledge base with study materials, dialogues and process development, plus a Sales Readiness Quiz
  • 8 Weeks of Virtual Training with Mike and Jen, plus access to an exclusive online resource library

You’ll also get access to an exclusive networking group with your course peers that you can access indefinitely for feedback and support.

Join the dozens of online sales specialists and 11 national award winners who have already benefited from the Online Sales Academy. They have become part of the gold standard of home builder online sales programs, and so can you. We hope to see you in November!

“I was able to connect with other Online Sales Consultants, and the things I thought I was struggling with, I realized they were struggling with the same things.” – Chandlar Wirick, Davidson Homes

“I feel like I can go home from this academy an expert, really owning my role as Online Sales Specialist. I also enjoyed the small atmosphere. I got to ask good questions and hear good questions from others.” – Becca Snell, Schuber Mitchell Homes

“I enjoy knowing my true role and being a good fit for my company to better serve our future customers and buyers.” – Banessa Petty, Alvarez Construction

“My biggest takeaway was the importance of operating as a team, from the very beginning as an OSC, every single process in between, from the handoff all the way to the very end of a solid, happy sale.” – Kate Hester, Logan Homes

Watch video testimonials from the last Online Sales Academy here.

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