Ep 89: From New Recruit to Division President – A Marketer’s Career Journey

Ep 89: From New Recruit to Division President – A Marketer’s Career Journey

Feb 27, 2020

Ever wonder what your career journey as a new home marketer could look like, or how someone with an enviable title “made it?” These are natural questions for career-minded professionals, and this week we’ve got one of our own to shed some light on the subject. Lauren Spamer is the Division President for Charter Homes in Central Pennsylvania and she shares her interesting journey to “the top.” You’ll never guess how she even got started in the home building industry. Plus… Kevin clarifies what “everyone is killing it” means, the FTC cracks down on influencer marketing, the state of data privacy in 2020, and more.

Story Time (0:41)

  • Kevin clarifies his “Everyone is killing it right now!” post on LinkedIn. Be cautious of the advice you give/receive when the market is good. Also, he gives some direction if you think you’re NOT killing it when it comes to lead volume.

Special Q&A Segment with Andrew and Kevin (11:00)

  • What can marketers do to take advantage of the hot market?
  • Which phone-tracking software should marketers use?
  • If you have great lead volume but sales aren’t happening, what do you do?

In the News (15:56)


Lauren Spamer

360 Topic of the Week – A Marketer’s Career Journey with Lauren Spamer (26:44)

  • How Lauren got into home building in the first place
  • From sales to administration (on purpose)
  • From big builderland to smaller, greener pastures
  • What makes Charter Homes unique – their building and development philosophy
  • Her first “non-job” job at Charter and where it led her
  • How she trained herself to perform in roles she wasn’t familiar with
  • Balancing a fast career trajectory with parenthood
  • What does success even mean? What’s next?

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