Ep  83: Attribution Analysis with Kirk Williams

Ep 83: Attribution Analysis with Kirk Williams

Jan 16, 2020 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

This week we go deep into marketingland for a discussion about lead attribution with one of the foremost PPC experts in the world, Kirk Williams. Kirk is the author of numerous articles on the subject, including one of Kevin’s favorites from 2019.  On this episode he shares insight around why attribution is NOT the holy grail of marketing analysis, and the circumstances in which it actually works well. Also, the Builders’ Show is next week! You can check out all of Do You Convert’s IBS education sessions here.

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360 Topic of the Week – Attribution Analysis with Kirk Williams (13:00)

Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC experts in the world by PPC Hero. He is the owner of ZATO Marketing, a paid search micro-agency specializing in eCommerce PPC on Google and Bing. Kirk has spoken at conferences all over the world, and is the author of “Digital Advertising is not the dot com bubble, improper attribution is,” which we discussed extensively on episode 77.

Find a comfortable place where you can focus for the next 50 minutes, because this interview is packed with information, insight, and marketing things that make you go hmm… We dive into:

  • What is marketing and brand building beyond tracked profit, attribution and reporting?
  • Why conversion tracking can be dangerous
  • What is attribution, exactly?
  • No perfect attribution model
  • Why paid search can’t make a business grow
  • Why privacy technology will make perfect attribution impossible
  • When attribution does work when it comes to overall marketing strategy
  • Why we should NOT be risk-adverse as marketers
  • How last click attribution strangles the top of the funnel
  • Can you use paid search to build a brand? (the difference between demand creation and demand capture)
  • Non-Marketing Doom (doom caused by forces outside of marketing) is a result of two things: Failure in Process and Failure in Understanding

More articles you’ll want to read from Kirk Williams:

Question of the Week (1:03:00)

Last QOTW: What part of your company’s business will have the biggest opportunity for improvement in 2020? Sales, marketing, product, land, etc./what will be your breakout department in 2020 to have positive impacts on results?See the answers here.

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