Ep 341: Read the Room

Ep 341: Read the Room

Jun 20, 2024 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

In this episode, Julie Jarnagin is joined by Jackie Lipinski and Beth Russell! The gal pals are back together and talk all about transparency and communication with customers, especially how it can ruin relationships if done incorrectly. They focus on credibility and making sure that employees see themselves as the face of the company rather than an individual. Instead of diving into the news, the three decide to change up the show and dive into some listener questions!

Story Time (03:27)

  • Beth is car shopping and was disappointed with the transparency and lack of communication from a car dealership even though she had a great on-site experience.
  • After four months of only advertising their car by parking it out front, Jackie’s parents were about to sell it in four hours after posting it to Facebook.
  • Julie was inspired by the phrase “Your "from" line matters more than your subject line”.

Listener Questions (17:53)

  • Boots on the ground 
  • Events
  • Marketing in New Markets

Things We Love Things We Hate (46:04)

  • Beth disdains phone upgrades.
  • Jackie hates Xfinity and is done with them.
  • Julie loves the problem solving on the DYC team. 
Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.com and we’ll address them on the next episode. More insights, discussions, and opportunities can be found at DYC: All Access.

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