Ep 194: The NAHB International Builders' Show 2022 Recap

Ep 194: The NAHB International Builders' Show 2022 Recap

Feb 17, 2022 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · The NAHB International Builders' Show 2022 Recap

Kevin Oakley, Mike Lyon, Jen Barkan, Andrew Peek,  Jessie Suggs & Julie Jarnagin recorded a special episode of the podcast LIVE while at the 2022 International Builders' Show in Orlando, FL. They share their favorite moments while at the IBS and note their biggest takeaways.

Mike Lyon

IBS 2022 AKA the rise of Online Sales Specialists! We had such a great time celebrating all the Nationals Silver and Gold winners. We were so proud of clients winning gold for Online Sales Specialist of the Year (Kendall Pashak). Online Sales Rookie of the Year (Olga Walker) and the Online Sales Team of the Year (Red Door Homes of the Carolinas). But it wasn’t just all Nationals getting all the buzz. There was a lot of talk about how the role of Online Sales is changing, morphing. It was great to see by the representation in sessions how far we have come as an industry. 

Kevin Oakley

This year three things kept echoing from conversations and educational sessions:

  1. Agreement that “buy online” is something to watch and work toward but nothing to obsess over. We have to let consumers digitally shop the way they want to before we can really make true progress.
  2. Technological growth is coming like an avalanche for our industry. I have met with nearly a dozen incredible startups that are trying to solve real problems with real solutions. I can’t wait to introduce them to everyone!
  3. Leads and appointments aren’t a challenge, but appointment-to-sale conversion is getting harder. Expect this to continue as interest rates claw higher. Marketers need to keep leaning into everything they can control in order to give your sales teams a leg up against the competition.

Jen Barkan

Wasn’t really sure what to expect going into IBS this year, but WOW!  What great energy I felt as I walked the halls, attended education, and chatted with industry friends. Our customer’s experience from the top of the funnel all the way through was the resounding takeaway from the sessions I attended - and it all starts with the Online Sales Specialist.  So proud of how far this role has come in the industry and even more importantly, that each aspect of the sales/marketing/online ecosystem was touched upon…even in the On Your Lot presentation by the brilliant Dawn Dantzler.  

Major highlights for me personally were:

1. Sharing the stage with some of the brightest bad-ass marketing women in our industry as we discussed the hot topic of lead quality over quantity.

2. Watching our amazing online sales specialists bring home the hardware at the Nationals.

3. Learning from our very own, Julie Jarnagin, as she blew minds with her wisdom in her Tech Bytes session.

Catching up with old industry friends and partners and making new ones.

Trying to win ECI’s Harley Davidson!  And having fun with Brad Heubert on his live podcast, Bricks & Sticks, from the upstairs tower of ECI’s booth overlooking the show! 

And lastly, hanging out with my DYC Fam.

Jessie Suggs 

What a turnout! There were great sessions that I was able to attend at IBS. One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that there were sessions specifically dedicated to online sales. In years past, online sales was a portion of content within some of the sessions, but now there are specific online sales sessions- how great!

The content was excellent- one of my biggest takeaways was the fact that customers want to be met where THEY want to be met. Each person is different and each process is different but there is one thing in common and that's the customer experience no matter how you get there!

Aside from the content, it was really great being able to attend The Nationals Awards to the many deserving professionals and companies that made their mark on the industry over the past year. We were able to mingle with peers- both new and old friends! Overall, it was an amazing experience to see things begin to “normalize” with in person communication. I can’t wait for next year and to witness all the changes and growth new home construction will face. 

Andrew Peek

What a great Builder Show! I am sure like others, expectations and excitement was quite high after the past few years we have had not only in the industry but also, we as people and navigating the pandemic. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with like-minded peers, both new as well as those who I have known now for quite some time.

Throughout the show what really stuck out to me was that tactics, tools, and strategies evolve over time. We *must* keep up with those. However, the principles of what we – as Marketers need to do, does stand consistent over time. So before thinking…” we need to invest in more video content” or “we need buy online!” – we must consider why we are doing something. What will more video content do? Do we need buy online? Is that what buyers want? Before spearheading your next big project, take the time to consider why this project is important - What will it do for your buyers?

While there are tens of thousands of attendees at the Builder Show, the little corner of Sales & Marketing in Home Building is a tight-knit group that is very welcoming and supportive. I encourage anyone who has not gone to the Builder Show, to do what they can to attend this coming year!

Julie Jarnagin

I attended a wide range of education sessions, and all of them touched on the importance of content and using it strategically to meet changing needs of home buyers. Dawn Dantzler with Tilson Homes was on an excellent panel about on-your-lot builders. She talked about how educational content and videos helped their buyers navigate the complicated process of on-your-lot building. Carly Sickles at M/I Homes and Beth Russell at Stylecraft Homes spoke about making sure your content communicates the right expectations for the current market. During a session for “buy online,” presenters talked about the importance of considering what kind of content customers would need to make those decisions online. As we approach a constantly changing market and implement new technology, we need to think about what kind of content will engage potential homebuyers and meet the needs of home shoppers.

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