Ep 133: Digital Marketing Moves with Carly Sickles

Ep 133: Digital Marketing Moves with Carly Sickles

Jan 28, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Digital Marketing Moves with Carly Sickles


Carly Sickles

Carly Sickles

Carly Sickles, Digital Marketing Manager for M/I Homes, joins us to discuss her approach to creating and managing digital content across 15 new home divisions for the 13th largest home builder in the U.S. She describes unique content that works well, why she’s not afraid to experiment, and what she’s looking forward to most in 2021. Plus, Kevin, Andrew and Jackie L. discuss the potential shift away from mass marketing emails and toward personal, 1-to-1 community updates.

Story Time (3:08)

  • Resort vs home shower heads: Andrew relives his recent vacation and ponders the concept of being relatively better than the competition.
  • Kevin reminds us that we’re marketing in the time of “anything works.” Have an idea? Try it. Also, stop working on efficiency and focus on THE FUTURE.
  • Jackie L. has a Q&A with Kevin after only two weeks on the job.😮
  • The team discusses a potential shift away from mass communication/marketing emails and toward personal updates for every person on the VIP or waitlist. Given the challenges of the new home buying process today, the goal is to prevent prospective buyers from becoming frustrated, confused or lost in the process.

    In the News (24:44)

      360 Topic of the Week: Digital Marketing Moves with Carly Sickles (36:50)

      Carly Sickles manages digital marketing for 15 new home divisions under the leadership of Will Duderstadt at M/I Homes. While this episode may be her industry-speaking debut, we’re sure you’ll hear much more from Carly in the future. Listen in as she and Kevin discuss:

      • Her journey from multi-family rental marketing to new homes
      • What surprised her most about the new home industry
      • How the M/I marketing department is structured
      • The story behind THE live streamed event of 2020
      • Home builders’ biggest struggle when it comes to content – and where the opportunities are
      • A discussion about representational imagery
      • The viability of “buying” homes online
      • The story behind the M/I quizzes and how they’re used today (and could be used tomorrow)
      • The need for a consumer research reset in home building
      • Her big goal for 2021

        Question of the Week (1:25:39)

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