Ep 112: Build-On-Your-Lot Marketing with Dawn Dantzler

Ep 112: Build-On-Your-Lot Marketing with Dawn Dantzler

Aug 6, 2020 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Build-On-Your-Lot Marketing with Dawn Dantzler

Dawn Dantzler

This week we speak with Dawn Dantzler, Director of Marketing for Tilson Homes, an on-your-lot builder doing business in 138 counties in rural Texas. Learn the biggest misconceptions about on-your-lot builders, how her marketing approach differs, and why she’s leaving ONE billboard up in perpetuity. Plus… a customer service horror story proves Kevin’s point that it’s possible to have too many leads, and more from the news.

Story Time (1:50)

  • Andrew tells the tale of the home that won’t sell – and is covered with signage.
  • Becca’s parents are renovating a house from afar and NOT using technology.
  • Kevin’s customer service horror story. Again, it is possible to have too many leads.

In the News (21:48)

360 Topic of the Week (46:44) – Build-On-Your-Lot Marketing with Dawn Dantzler

Dawn Dantzler has worked with Tilson Homes in some capacity for 17 years! Learn how COVID changed their marketing strategy, how they earned raving superfans, and why the online sales team reports to her.

Question of the Week(1:35:05)

  • Last QOTW: Ad spend: are you spending more, less or about the same as Jan/Feb of this year? Answers here.
  • New QOTW: Besides virtual selling, has any part of your sales & marketing process changed since March? Design studio? Contract management? Anything else? Join the discussion here.

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