Ep 155: Is Frictionless Virtual Homebuying Attainable?

Ep 155: Is Frictionless Virtual Homebuying Attainable?

Jul 1, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Is Frictionless Virtual Homebuying Attainable?

Kevin Oakley,Andrew Peek,andJackie Lipinski discuss the difficulties of trying to buy a home online and whether it may ever be attainable after Kevin once again attempts to purchase a new home online. Also in this episode, they talk about a city that has decided to ban a home builder from renting any of their homes, google’s recent announcement to push back blocking third-party cookies, google’s new image extensions, and more!

Story Time (2:11)

  • Jackie had a surprise guest at her house this week, it was Kevin! (And she has never cleaned her house faster.) Plus she shares the positives and negatives of visiting the largest Amazon Go grocery store in the US. 
  • Andrew also shares his most recent shopping trip experience to Walmart, where they too are trying to move towards a faster shopping experiment and how they were able to create a frictionless shopping experience. 
  • Kevin gives an update on his under-construction home and discusses the benefits of taking a Matterport tour while a home is under construction. Plus he shares an interesting story at the airport of watching people try to get a cup of coffee out of a smart Starbucks machine.

In the News (22:50)

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