Ep 146: Reducing Chaos For “Buy Online”

Ep 146: Reducing Chaos For “Buy Online”

Apr 29, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Ep 146: Reducing Chaos For “Buy Online”

Kevin Oakley, Andrew Peek, and Jackie Lipinskishake up the podcast with an impromptu clash-of-the-titans debate, as Jackie and Andrew give their options on who should be responsible for creating visual content elements: in-house teams vs external resources. And Kevin has had it with a builder who is claiming they’ve solved the “Buy Online” problem when in fact, they seem to be creating more chaos for their company and their customers.

Story Time (1:15)

  • Jackie Lipinski wants to remind builders that google data studio is a great resource for collecting aggregated data that you can set up and continue to utilize to send upper management quick data points.
  • Andrew Peek recommends when creating content that the content needs a goal. For example, content should either inspire, educate, or give people a clear to action.

Clash of the Titans (8:45)

  • Andrew and Jackie give their options on who, in a home building marketing department, should be creating the visual content. Tell us what you think on the Market Proof Marketing Facebook page.

You’re Not Getting Away With It! (18:00)

  • Kevin comes across a large quantity home builder who claims that they have solved the “Buy Online” process. Spoiler alert: Kevin has his doubts due to the changes the builder had to make to their website immediately following the new process’ release. And he breaks down why the builder’s “Highest and Best” process for presales homes looks to be creating chaos and pain for every person involved in the home buying process.

Story Time(41:30)

Kevin talks about his most recent trip to Texas with home builder Tilson Homes, and how they solve their customer service friction points similar to that of Chick-fil-a.

In The News (46:00)

Question of the Week

  • What % of your content is currently created in-house? (Photos, videos, blogs, etc.)

Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.com or call 404-369-2595 and we’ll address them on the next episode.

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